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dep dep at drippingwithirony.com
Fri Aug 24 17:30:17 BST 2018

i've encountered another kmail issue -- again, on the TDE 3.5.x fork 
because modern kde doesn't much like me or my computer -- and that is in 
sending messages with attachments via protonmail and protonmail bridge (a 
translation layer that allows local clients to use protonmail instead of 
being tied to the web interface). which is not the issue i present here, 
merely the reason i'm presenting it:

i've used kmail exclusively for just over 20 years, ever since the version 
that shipped with kde-1.0. (before that, it was xfmail all the way!) 
because of the kmail-protonmail issue, i'm looking at other mail clients. 
just d/led trojita and if failed with unresolvable dependency issues that 
maybe i could sort out but screw it.

this leaves claws. and, finally, my question: is there any utility that 
will import kmail mailboxen into claws? or to a format that claws can then 
import? as noted, i have 20 years of email archives and would like to be 
able to get to them without bringing up a different application, i.e. 

so . . . any import filters, either built-in or third-party?

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