Kmail without kdewallet?

Kevin Krammer krammer at
Mon Sep 18 11:11:57 BST 2017

On Wednesday, 2017-09-06, 23:58:24, cr wrote:
> I'm running Kmail 5.2.3 and kdewallet under Debian 9.   Can I safely
> uninstall kdewallet?   (Kmail is the only program I run that uses it).
> Reason is, I usually start Kmail on my server via ssh from some laptop or
> other.   If I go to fetch mail from my ISP, Kmail opens a box for my ISP's
> mail password (the same as my previous installation of Kmail 4 did).
> However, IF I've previously logged in to my server, kdewallet opens a box
> for its password on the server instead, which is a nuisance (and much
> bafflement before I accidentally found this out). 

One option would be to authorize access to KWallet through the login procedure 

There is a package for the kwallet PAM integration, which unlocks the wallet 
on login with the credentials provided to the login process.

I've been using that (libpam-kwallet5) since I've switched to Plasma 5.

Requires the wallet to have the same password as for login but very convenient 
to have it automatically unlocked at the begin of a session.

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