Kmail without kdewallet?

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Thu Sep 7 07:40:38 BST 2017

cr posted on Wed, 06 Sep 2017 23:58:24 +1200 as excerpted:

> I'm running Kmail 5.2.3 and kdewallet under Debian 9.   Can I safely
> uninstall kdewallet?   (Kmail is the only program I run that uses it).
> Reason is, I usually start Kmail on my server via ssh from some laptop
> or other.   If I go to fetch mail from my ISP, Kmail opens a box for my
> ISP's mail password (the same as my previous installation of Kmail 4
> did).
> However, IF I've previously logged in to my server, kdewallet opens a
> box for its password on the server instead, which is a nuisance (and
> much bafflement before I accidentally found this out).    (I recall
> Kmail 5 persuaded me to install kdewallet when I installed it).
> So I hope uninstalling kdewallet will just cause Kmail to open a mail
> password box on my laptop each time.

kdewallet, or kwallet?  At least on gentoo, which tries to stick with 
upstream naming, there appears to be no such package as kdewallet.

But there is a kwallet, one of the kde-frameworks, and while I switched 
from kmail to something (being claws-mail in my case) that could actually 
handle email without losing it in the mid kde4 era, when kmail jumped the 
akonadi shark and started losing mail, and along with that switch from 
kmail I ultimately exterminated everything akonadi or kdepim (due to 
akonadi deps) related related from my system...

And even tho I run a rather light plasma desktop without baloo, and don't 
actually have anything stored in kwallet now...

I still have kwallet installed, because it's a dependency of plasma-
desktop and plasma-workspace, and I have those installed because I run a 
kde-plasma based desktop.  And okular seems to require it too, for some 

So I'm guessing you'll need kwallet installed if you run a plasma 
desktop, and it's likely to fail to start without it.  

Tho perhaps not... an ldd /usr/bin/plasmashell | grep wallet doesn't turn 
up any of the kwallet libs in the load list, so maybe it doesn't actually 
need them?  I suppose I could try uninstalling it and see what actually 
fails... then if that works, I could try installing a null-package to 
fill the deps and see what breaks in the build...

Meanwhile, if you run some other desktop environment and simply run kmail 
because you prefer it, then it's possible that you can uninstall kwallet.  
I wouldn't have any idea what the current state is, because as I said I 
quit with the kmail when it started losing my mail after jumping the 
akonadi shark, in the mid kde4 era.

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