Kmail without kdewallet?

cr cr at
Wed Sep 6 12:58:24 BST 2017

I'm running Kmail 5.2.3 and kdewallet under Debian 9.   Can I safely uninstall 
kdewallet?   (Kmail is the only program I run that uses it).

Reason is, I usually start Kmail on my server via ssh from some laptop or 
other.   If I go to fetch mail from my ISP, Kmail opens a box for my ISP's 
mail password (the same as my previous installation of Kmail 4 did).   
However, IF I've previously logged in to my server, kdewallet opens a box for 
its password on the server instead, which is a nuisance (and much bafflement 
before I accidentally found this out).    (I recall Kmail 5 persuaded me to 
install kdewallet when I installed it).

So I hope uninstalling kdewallet will just cause Kmail to open a mail password 
box on my laptop each time.

Chris Rodliffe

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