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Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sun Mar 19 01:19:45 GMT 2017

René J.V. Bertin posted on Sat, 18 Mar 2017 09:33:12 +0100 as excerpted:

> Okular indeed hasn't yet been released in a KF5 version to my knowledge
> (it does exist though), but for KDialog I see no real excuse to ship the
> KDE4 versions other than "it's Debian".

According to my package query on gentoo:

$equery list -op okular
 * Searching for okular ...
[-P-] [  ] kde-apps/okular-16.08.3:4/16.08
[-P-] [  ] kde-apps/okular-16.12.3:5
[I-O] [  ] kde-apps/okular-9999:5

The -op switches say list overlay (o) and main-gentoo-tree (p=portage) 
hits both, not just what's installed.  That way I get what's available, 
not just what's installed.

The says okular-9999 is installed, the O says it's in an overlay.  -9999 
is the version assigned to live-git, and the overlay is gentoo/kde, where 
the live-git kde packages are.

The P on the other two say they're in the main gentoo/portage tree repo.

16.08.3 is slot 4 (subslot 16.08), interpreted as kde4 based.

16.12.3 is slot 5, thus kde-frameworks5 based.

And of course the live-git I have installed is also slot 5, frameworks5 

So yes, there's a frameworks5 release of okular, the 16.12 series, first 
released in December (12th month of 2016) and updated with monthly 
releases since, the latest of which was released earlier this month.

Similar version and slot results for kdialog, so it too was still kde4 
back in August (16.08), but is now frameworks5 based from the December 
16.12 release.

But kdialog is a reasonably simple app compared to okular, and it's 
possible that some distros were more conservative on okular and continued 
to ship the kde4 16.08 or earlier version even when they had updated to 
the kde5 16.12 release for kdialog.

Meanwhile, being on kde-live-git, I've been running kde5 based okular and 
kdialog both, for some months now.  No complaints so far.   (Well a minor 
one for kdialog related to its progress dialog, as the documented method 
using the dbus handle for for updating it broke and the progress dialog 
no longer updates and goes away when it is supposed to.  I worked around 
that by updating the script to use a notification popup instead.  But 
okular has been great, and it's good to be off kde4 for both of them. =:^)

Meanwhile, that does indeed explain the scaling issues, as qt4 indeed 
never really supported hidpi scaling at all, while qt5 does.

So at least you (OP) know the problem should go away eventually, when 
your distro updates to a qt5-based okular and kdialog.

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