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John_82 posted on Tue, 14 Mar 2017 21:06:30 +0000 as excerpted:

> If I am having problems and need to start poking about in system files
> that don't have an association I have to scroll through all of the
> alternatives to get to say kwrite.
> That has been driving me nuts for years at times. I had to use windows
> at work and it's easy to add things to a right click there that will
> always be present what ever is clicked on.
> Is there anything that I can edit to add options to a right click in kde
> 5.26 ? Associations aren't on as some have no suffix.

The following works for me on gentoo running live-git frameworks and 
plasma, and back around kde3 and AFAIK early kde4 era it was shipped 
standard, but AFAIK the type definitions were deprecated as not 
freedesktop.org mimetype standard sometime in the kde4 timeframe and 
these no longer ship by default with plasma5.  However, patching such 
features back into (or out of) plasma5 on gentoo isn't as difficult as 
it'd be on normal binary-based distros because gentoo defaults to source-
based directly at the local admin level, letting them make decisions, 
including additional patches where appropriate, that are made by the 
package maintainer/builder on binary-based distros, and I've done just 
that with this feature, patching it back in, tho AFAIK it should be 
relatively easy to add it in as a site admin config option, should you 
wish to, as well.

Basically what I've done is continue the all/all and all/allfiles pseudo-
mimetypes from the kde3 era into my current config.  The all/all pseudo-
mimetype applies to literally /everything/, including directories, while 
all/allfiles applies only to normal files. (AFAIK it doesn't apply to 
exotic files like device nodes and unix sockets, while all/all does, but 
I can't say I've ever actually noted whether it does or not, so I could 
be wrong on that; the only one I've /specifically/ noted is directories.)

As I had the same frustration as you, I setup a few entries for all/
allfiles, tho I don't believe I've setup anything for all/all.  Among my 
entries are a normal text editor (for years it was kwrite, but now days 
it's mcedit in konsole, as I decided I'd prefer working with the same 
editor both at the commandline and in X/plasma), a media player (vlc in 
my case), an image viewer (gwenview), etc.

Of course the text editor is useful for plain-text files that happen to 
not meet the text/plain file pattern set.  The media player is most 
useful on chunks of videos I've downloaded from USENET (which I still 
use, tho only occasionally for binaries these days, the unexpiring 1 TB 
block account I purchased a couple years ago may well last me until I hit 
the grave, or the provider does, at my current rate of use), so I can 
preview a short chunk without having to download the whole thing first.  
The same idea of course for an image viewer, for whatever misc images you 
may find that may or may not have an appropriate extension, tho that's 
not so likely, these days.

If you're interested, I can try to dig up the appropriate mimetype 
configuration details, but check first, as it's possible your distro 
continues to include them -- I think they actually still ship with the 
default mimetype defs, but commented out these days, and your distro may 
simply reactivate them, still.

Another alternative that works a bit differently is setting up klipper 
actions for appropriate patterns (which might be simple wildcards, just 
activating for all clipboard activations or X-selections, but that can 
get old pretty fast as you're dealing with a lot of popups, then).  Then 
you can just "copy" the file to the clipboard, and the klipper popup 
based on the actions for all matching patterns will let you select the 
action you want to run.

I actually use both of these methods, giving me appropriate run options 
for all sorts of circumstances where I'd otherwise need to manually open 
the app I want and copy the file URL (local or internet) into it.

Of course you can use demme's service plugin idea as well, giving you 
three sets of options to use to run something. =:^)

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