[KDE4] what component does the screenlocking?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 09:59:03 GMT 2017

To come back to the original topic: I have been tinkering with other display managers, and think now that the claim that kscreenlocker_greet uses the DM greeter for unlocking (on Plasma4) is unsubstantiated. When I switch to Ubuntu's LightDM I still get the same unlock dialog. I've built and installed SDDM (into /usr but using dependencies from /opt/local) but haven't yet managed to get beyond its login screen (its PAM scripts must not be appropriate for Ubuntu 14.04).

Things I could still try are starting kscreenlocker_greet with forced raster graphics or a different style so that the unlock dialog shows a keyboard layout switcher (toggling layout back and forth has long been required from time to time in -only- KMail to restore proper keyboard function).

But I could just as well stick with my current fix. I've installed the latest xscreensaver, and configured it to my taste (including using the kclock.kss saver). I've replaced kscreenlocker_greet with the script below, and with that I'm getting more or less the best of both worlds, including a cute legacy look for the unlock dialog :)

@plasma-devel : Can anyone tell me if a screensaver <whatever> exists for Plasma5 that puts up a simple, CPU-cheap clock like kclock does or if not, if kclock.kss can be ported to KF5?

# interface to xscreensaver instead of using KDE's own screenlocking
for a in "$@" ;do
        case ${a} in 
                        exec xscreensaver-command -lock
exec xscreensaver-command -activate

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