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Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Thu Mar 2 11:38:01 GMT 2017

Klaus Vink Slott posted on Wed, 01 Mar 2017 21:31:55 +0100 as excerpted:

>> OTOH, that kdelibs version isn't /too/ far behind, and it's possible
>> you're actually running plasma5. What does plasmashell --version
>> report? (If you don't have a plasmashell command, only plasma-desktop,
>> then you are indeed running a plasma4 desktop, but plasmashell
>> indicates a plasma5 version of some sort, since it's a plasma5 binary.)

> klaus at blob:~> plasmashell --version plasmashell 5.8.3
> By OpenSUSE standards LEAP (this is what I am running) is regarded as
> the stable release whereas Tumbleweed is the rolling release with all
> the new shiny stuff.

OK, as I said that's definitely plasma5 then.  /That/ matter's cleared 
up. =:^)

And while I don't run a taskbar so can't be of direct help on it, as I 
said I'm running live-git frameworks and plasma and monitoring commits 
there, and I've seen a /lot/ of taskbar-related commits going by.  Of 
course the recent ones aren't in a release at all yet, but they're 
certainly actively working on it, so there's a good chance that a 
tumbleweed update will solve the problem for you, and if it doesn't ATM, 
there's an even better chance that it'll be solved within an upstream 
release or two, once that gets into tumbleweed, of course.

Meanwhile, if leap is the "stable" version it's unsurprising that it's 
staying on plasma 5.8.x.  The plasma folks have declared that an LTS, the 
first one of the plasma5 series, I believe, and intend to support it for 
some time.  5.9 and as you can see from my 5.9.90 version string the now 
5.10-pre series continue development but won't be LTS as is 5.8, so 
presumably tumbleweed has 5.9.x now, and will get 5.10 when it gets 

That isn't to say that 5.8 won't get a fix, it likely will, once it's 
tested in the newer versions, unless of course the problem is the qt 
version not plasma/frameworks, or the problem is deep enough that a fix 
is declared too invasive for stable.  But the fix will very possibly take 
longer as there /is/ more concern about inadvertently breaking other 
things, so they're obviously much more cautious with changes of any type.

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