kwin language setting?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Jun 26 09:10:09 BST 2017

On Monday June 26 2017 04:22:38 Nikos Chantziaras wrote:

>session (including kwin and everything else running in Plasma), then 
>it's in System Settings -> Regional Settings -> Formats.

You mean "Regional Settings / Language", right? I have already configured that to the desired language.

>If you really want to set different locale settings for just kwin, you 
>can do it with a script. Not sure if that's what you actually want though.

There must be another way, because AFAICT KWin uses the same mechanism as other applications that provide a "Switch Application Language" menu (in the KXmlGui framework I think).

I'm not running a Plasma5 session, but have my KF5 stuff installed into /opt/local from which I run it under a Plasma4 session on Linux, and on Mac. On both platforms most applications follow the "global" setting, or at least the per-app setting (stored in ~/.config/klanguageoverridesrc) but some are broken for reasons I haven't yet been able to fathom. KDevelop is, for instance, as is KWin (though there I cannot affirm that it won't respect the per-app setting, of course).

I'm convinced that all those applications share the reason why they stick to en_US ... and I'd be curious to know if they act the same when running in another non-KDE DE.


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