KMail dependence on Akonadi

Aleksey Midenkov midenok at
Tue Jul 18 00:29:29 BST 2017

On Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 1:46 AM, Leslie Turriff <jlturriff at> wrote:
> On 2017-07-11 21:44:31 Nicolás Alvarez wrote:
>> Okay, let's change this around: What are you try to achieve with this
>> discussion? Having someone agree with you and rewrite the whole KDE
>> PIM system to not use Akonadi?
>> Note that as far as I know, KMail doesn't connect to IMAP servers. It
>> doesn't even read Maildir. akonadi_imap_resource connects to IMAP
>> servers, and feeds the data to the Akonadi database, and KMail reads
>> it from there. There is an akonadi_maildir_resource to do the same for
>> Maildir. KMail doesn't send email, it puts email in an Outbox folder,
>> akonadi_maildispatcher_agent sends email when the main akonadi daemon
>> notifies it that the Outbox folder changed.
>> --
>> Nicolás
>         Of course, those of us who object to having Akonadi's fingers in their Kmail
> can do what I did and revert to KDE3, with it's friendly user interfaces and
> straightforward Kmail.

Or we can try talk some sense into people. There is big dispersion in
development, everybody does what he wants. So no decent quality ever.
KDE3 is one half working and KDE4+ is the other half working.
Microsoft is 3rd half-working. OSX is 4th half-working. Android have
taken big portion of developers. I didn't expect such dull and dumb
future. What an irony: great hardware running crippled and miserable
programs. Maybe the time have not come yet...

Another problem is too little feedback, so devs are on their own. 999
of 1000 are just silently choose what to use. When you ask them they
will tell you their reasons, but they will never tell it on their own.

> Leslie

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