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Marco Martin notmart at
Wed Aug 30 20:51:39 BST 2017

On mercoledì 30 agosto 2017 15:07:26 CEST Franklin Weng wrote:
> *looking at Eike with shining eyes*
> Could you please tell me in more detail about "ship an applet config
> initialization script in look-n-feel package"?  In the package

documentation-wise i fear all there is is:

but says oretty much all there is to know
you would have in your look and feel a file called

in that script you can access to a global variable called "applet"
to which you can access and write its configuration like the normal layout.js 
, you would have something like:

applet.currentConfigGroup = ["General"]
applet.writeConfig("icon", "file:///usr/share/whatever/my/icon/path")

Marco Martin

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