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Franklin Weng franklin at
Wed Aug 30 14:07:26 BST 2017

Hi Eike,

Eike Hein 於 2017年08月30日 20:59 寫道:
> This is already implemented and the correct way is to ship an applet config initialization script in your look and feel package. The config will then be initialized with your values every time the applet is created. Various distros use them for e.g. the launcher default icon. Netunner is an example.
> Marco, we have docs for this somewhere right? :)
> Cheers,
> Eike

*looking at Eike with shining eyes*
Could you please tell me in more detail about "ship an applet config
initialization script in look-n-feel package"?  In the package
lookandfeelexplorer generated only org.kde.plasma.desktop-layout.js is
created.  The plasmoids default is at /usr/share/plasma/plasmoids.  How
can I set up, for example, a customized org.kde.plasma.kicker or
org.kde.plasma.digitalclock plasmoids in the look-n-feel package?


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