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Sasha Kasha notuxius-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w at
Sun Nov 13 21:43:32 GMT 2016

Hi KDE team. My name is Alexander. I'm 28 years old. English is not my
native language but i'm learning it currently. I like Linux and Open Source
and i want to work with you remotely. QA/QC, some ideas for software (maybe
even for hardware) are interesting for me. If you have such position in
your team - please send me reply. It would be cool. Here is some example
list with my work that i made for one distro:

1. On screen 1366 by 768 - website creates empty space with horizontal
scroll and some text doesn't fit.
2. Rename 'Netrunner Rolling' string in syslinux into 'Nurunner'.
3. Don't show yakuake notification about hotkey (F12) and notification
about disabling of touchpad on autostart. On notebook from 2010 (dual core
celeron) - notifications appearing in ugly way on top of the screen and
overlaping each other upon startup (if usb mouse is plugged in).
4. Don't autostart kde im subsystem by default.
5. Set Yakuake to 100% width + show duration to 0ms by default, set hotkey
for opening/retracting from 'F12' to 'Alt' + '`' (tilda). 'F12' is default
for 'Firefox Developer Tools'.
6. Show 'Battery and Brightness' in system tray by default (not in 'Extra
Items' like now) for quick and convenient change of brightness by mouse (or
touchpad) scrolling (like in sound), hide 'Clipboard' in 'Extra Items'.
7. Remove xine, add mpv (SMPlayer with mpv for 'Media Player' applet
support and disable auto open smplayer's website on it's first launch).
8. Add fastest mirror detection and synchronizing of databases upon
connecting to internet.
9. Change keyboard delay to 250ms.
10. Make readme offline first - a simple text file or offline html page or
with offline/online detection like in archbang. Add password, info about
updating system, installing software etc (or links to info on arch, manjaro
11. Add some initial configuration software like 'Kaptan' desktop
configurator from PiSi linux (i tried it in KaOS linux, but not launch it by default.
12. Disable 'Discover', enable octopi for notifying of updates (remove
'Discover' at all).
13. Maybe disable plymouth by default. If it's goona stay enabled - examine
'plymouth: could not start boot splash' message at startup - it shows when
you press for example right key upon startup - you go to systemd messages,
but if you press it once again - splash boot screen doesn't showing again.
14. Give release a name - it's showing empty string on the bottom of 'About
System' window next to 'OS Version'.
15. Put a shortcut for 'Octopi' on desktop.
16. Change link in 'My Computer' from 'About System' to 'Dolphin'
(especially for windows switchers) - 'Network' icon doesn't launch network
info - it launches 'Dolphin' - i think it's inconsistent.
17. Add eng lang packs for gimp, firefox, thunderbird.., spell checkers
(aspell, hunspell, vim-spell-en), hyphenation/justification (hyphen) and
gimp help (gimp-help-en) by default (plus global lang pack for
18. Replace 'SUSE Studio Imagewriter' with 'ISO Writer' - - it's more minimal and without branding
of other distro.
19. Vokoscreen has new version (2.5.0), aur/vokoscreen depends on qt5. Test
vokoscreen for recording/playing/editing on live system.
20. Add 'ncdu', 'htop', 'vim' terminal applications and maybe something
from this: and
Plus add 'vim' to $VISUAL environmental variable for quick editing
PKGBUILDs in yaourt.
21. Think about voting on apps and settings, explore

1. Launch some apps in fullscreen by default - e.g. Firefox, GIMP,
Kdenlive, LibreOffice..
2. Change default 'Mouse wheel behavior' in Gwenview from 'Scroll' to
'Browse', disable 'Animations' or change it to 'OpenGL' (it appears more
smoother to me) and speed-up animation, hide 'Sidebar' by default.
3. Maybe disable all sounds for notifications.
4. Add 'Keep above' button in 'Window Decorations' to the left side of
titlebar (right after 'Menu' button). Sometimes i need to keep one window
above others (for example media player with video - if 'Keep above' button
will be in titlebar - i can keep it above or back to same as others in one
click - the button doesn't take to many space, considering titlebar almost
always has a lot of free space.) And maybe add 'Shade' to left side too.
5. Add updated dropbox to repo, include dropbox in live system, don't
launch it at startup.
6. In Yakuake configuration - 'Window' -> 'Tab Bar' -> enable 'Show title
bar contents in tab labels' by default.
7. Hide 'Information' (F11) panel by default in Dolphin - for more space
for folders.
8. Do we need 'Marble'?
9. Maybe disable 'Tip of the Day' upon startup of programs (like in K3b...)
10. Do we need K3b? Do you still burn CDs?
11. On startup of 'Grub Customizer' error message shows 'grub-mkconfig
couldn't be executed successfully. error message: /usr/bin/grub-probe:
error: failed to get canonical path of `overlay`'.
12. Do we need games like 'BurgerSpace', 'Frozen Buble', 'KSnakeDuel'?.
Think about what games to include
and what to remove. Do we need games at all? (leave just steam and maybe
add playonlinux, wine and/or desura, scummvm, dosbox, dbgl(gui for dosbox)).
13. Gmusicbrowser seems not working with new perl. do we need it if we have
14. Bundle audacious with qt5 interface 'aur/audacious-qt5' (it needs
plugins 'audacious-plugins-qt5' and 'jack2' packages to work). Or launch
audacious with gtk2 interface by default. gtk2 interface better than winamp
skin as for me.
15. In Kate editor - do not reveal 'Documents' sidebar by default - we have
tabs for it, maybe place it to the bottom sidebar or maybe not show
sidebars at starup at all - all this to save some space for text.
16. In Firefox - don't include Yahoo, Amazon, Twitter search engines.
Perhaps include Yandex and
Baidu for
advantage to international users.
17. Do we need Cantata (mpd client) and mpd daemon installed and at startup?
18. Review '/usr/bin/desktop-items' script, which is autostarted in live
19. Add startup script with detecting localization and applying uBlock
subscriptions accordingly - for better ads blocking.
20. Replace QTransmission with qBittorrent. I think it's better - it has
more convenient interface and easy way to shutdown/suspend.. system on
downloads done.
21. Review 'Plasma Search' plugins - do we need for example 'Activities',
'Date and Time', 'Dictionary', 'Instant Messaging', 'OpenStreetMap with
Marble', 'Unit Converter' and 'Web Shortcuts'.
22. Did you know that you can just start typing on desktop (when desktop
itself is in focus, not some window) and krunner will pop-up - add this
info to readme/welcome utility (think about other shortcuts to improve
workflow for adding).

1. 'A shared library was not found' error in 'User Management' and 'Input
Method' sections in sys settings (no kcm modules?), do we need them? for
instance we already have 'User Accounts', also 'Input Method' has icon
problem - default icon in sys settings and no icon in 'Application Menu'
when you type to search for it.
2. Add a couple of Nurunner, Manjaro, Arch, KDE.. sites to new tab in
firefox. Disable suggested sites?
3. Disable (remove) completely 'Web Shortcuts' in 'System Settings'. They
seems not to be working in krunner. Or make them work with FF.
4. Replace enchant with enchant-pure and remove hspell - hebrew
lang from 'Spell Checker'.
5. No Konqueror is installed so we don't need 'Browser Identification'
enabled (remove it). Not sure about 'Cookies' and 'Cache' - it's safe to
disable (remove) them too?
6. Do we need 'Emoticons'?
7. Do we need 'SSL Preferences'?
8. Duplicate entries for 'About System' when you search for them in
'Application Menu' - they lead to same module.
9. In tty prompts there are still netrunner and wrong passwords strings.
10. Add ability to download distro by torrent.
11. Maybe add 'This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best
experience on our website'.
12. There still some mentions of netrunner in iso. Search for 'netrunner'
strings in file names and file contents through whole filesystem and rename
13. Rename package 'gmusicbrowser-netrunner' to nurunner, remove
'plymouth-theme-netrunner' from repo, add 'firefox-ublock-origin'.
14. You can't get latest distro news and open root terminal in octopi.
15. Similar (less) functionality in 'Keyboard Settings' (with capital 'S')
and in 'Keyboard setting' (with lower 's') modules in sys settings - remove
'Keyboard Settings' (with capital), plus entries with same name -
'Keyboard' when you search for them in 'Application Menu'.
16. Dolphin - do not prompt for trashing files - just prompt for deleting
them. Despite this setting looks turned off in dolphin setting ('Setting'
-> 'Configure Dolphin...' -> 'General' -> 'Confirmations') - dolphin still
prompts for trashing files by default.
17. Change iso label from 'NURL2016' to 'NURNYYMM' format (e.g. 'NURN1610').
18. Replace karbon with inkscape - it has more rich functionality - move
towards more qt4 free iso?
19. Extend 'Launch Feedback' -> 'Startup indication timeout' to 20 sec.
reason - when i launch for example libreoffice writer first time from usb
live sys - it's indicating launch of the writer, then after 5 sec indicator
goes away but i don't see writer launched yet. For users with fairly old
machines and USB 2.0 drives - it will be confusing to see no indication of
launch for another 10-15 sec and they may start same program for 2 and more
times in this period. And if indication will be for 20 sec the chances they
start two instances of same program when they see it's loading is much
20. Replace flash for Firefox with 'pepper-flash' and 'freshplayerplugin'
21. Use zsh as default shell with some preconfigured plugins for
autocompletion, syntax highlighting and grml's config.
22. Add some packages and their dependencies to nurunner repo - pacaur
(alternative to yaourt with minimal user input), teamviewer, teamspeak,
telegram-desktop, viber, gitkraken, wps-office, freefilesync,
pycharm-community, testdisk-wip (wip - cause it has qphotorec - qt5 gui)
and add it to live sys instead of testdisk.
23. Add load into ram and persistent storage in live sys options.

1. Take a look at Now Dock Panel and Now
Dock Plasmoid as plasma alternative to
Plank. It's not mature enough yet, but can be added into repo (and in live
sys?) after some time.
2. Add wayland option into sddm sessions.
3. Change 'Packager' value for packages in nurunner repo. Currently it's
'Unknown Packager' and 'James Kittsmiller (AJSLye) <james-uqbeHovpCEfkQYj/0HfcvmGXanvQGlWp at public.gmane.orgm
4. What search engine are you using? Maybe set google as default search
engine in firefox.
5. Add qwinff, ffmulticonverter, netbeans-php, netbeans-cpp,
masterpdfeditor-qt5, megaclient-qt5, aqemu, slack-desktop (and make sure it
works with firefox in slack:// protocol for magic link
authorization),seafile and nextcloud packages and their dependencies into
repo. Remove sddm package cause it's in extra repo (remove calamares? -
replace it with nurunner-calamares-branding like sonar-calamares-branding
package?). Replace 'pavucontrol' package with 'pavucontrol-qt'.
6. Add 'kde-cdemu-manager-kf5' package (mount isos from dolphin) with it's
dependencies into repo and in live sys.
7. Brainstorm commercial version of distro. For example CrossOver software
can be added and polished, plus additional support for it or something.
8. Add lxqt (with kwin) to live sys as more lightweight
alternative/fallback option.
9. 'Notifications' are in sys tray and as widget in panel. When you make
operations with files - the functionality of them is duplicated.
10. Add 'sshfs' package for browsing android filesystem in dolphin from kde
connect menu (left click on kde connect item in sys tray - top right folder
icon in menu) or from dolphin's 'Places' panel.
11. Duplicate entries for 'Desktop Theme' when you search for them in
'Application Menu'. When you launch first and without closing first launch
the second entry - it doesn't notify about 'This configuration section is
already opened..' - the second section is just opening.
12. No entry for 'Plasma Services' upon search in 'Application Menu'.
13. Bug in 'Account Details' with disabling/enabling kwallet. Steps to
reproduce: go to 'System Settings' -> 'Plasma Services' and enable
'KWallet', than go to 'Account Details' -> 'KDE Wallet' without closing of
'System Settings' you can see it's turned off but you just enabled it in
'Plasma Services'. When you go to 'Plasma Services' again - you can see
it's disabled indeed. And when you close 'System Settings' and go to
'Account Details' - you can see in 'KDE Wallet' it's enabled as expected. I
think it's a bug because when you enable 'Baloo' in 'Plasma Services' and
without closing 'System Setting' go to 'Search' - you can see file search
(ballo) is enabled and with disabling - it's the same thing.
14. No text in error message when you change some setting and reject the
password prompt (e.g. you press esc) in 'Account Details'.
15. No password prompt in 'Plasma Services' for saving settings - they are
just saving after changing.
16. What does disabling of 'KRunner' in 'Plasma Services' do? After
disabling i can still execute krunner by shortcut and launch programs (do
other usual things) with it. And if it's removing krunner from autostart
and changes will be seen after restart - it may notify about that in some
text near by switch (and just stoping service in live sys).
17. 'Advanced..'. 'Widget Style', '..Decoration..', 'Desktop Theme',
'General' in 'Application Menu' entries are not clear where they lead to
(similar/same names in search result in 'Application Menu').
18. No entries for 'Workspace Theme', 'GNOME Application Style (GTK)' in
'Application Menu'.
19. xmessage 'Could not start ksmserver. Check your installation' after
killing x. And when you press ok on that message - x server reloads again.
20. Add 'kdeplasma-runners-vbox' package into nurunner repo for starting
virtual machines from krunner.

1. Move these lists into github issues?
2. Look at ghetto-skype (skype for web electron app - in development - no
video calls, screen sharing for now).
3. Add to repo: ocenaudio, enpass, plex-media-server, whatsie (whatsapp),
messengerfordeskop (facebook), franz (all-in-one), stremio.
4. Build server for nightly isos, dev/git and aur packages.
5. Add mirrors for iso downloading to sourceforge, linuxtracker, fosshub? - .
6. Think about more additional nurunner configurations (better plasma
integrations, patches etc.) for some applications that can be installed
separately (or as dependency, or in meta package).
7. Idea - make installing apps in more assisted mode. For example you
install plex-media-server and you see more tips in console, running plex
server interface auto opens in default browser after installing.
8. Idea - configurations for each user with settings and installed apps
(like android profile, korora canvas?). Ability to restore them after
reinstalling of nurunner,synchronize them between systems/share your setup
etc. Cross distro GUI/CLI utility for settings (just like Calamares but for
user configurations), ability to save in cloud/in text file.
9. Create porteus-like build iso online wizard
with ability to choose edition like office or game or audio (rt kernel) -
with specific packages.
10. Suggestion - add alternatives to some apps into live iso for example:
firefox - chromium, vlc - smplayer, kdevlive - openshot.
11. No 'radiotray' package in live iso, but there is radiotray mention in
'entertainment' calamares slide.
12. Minor - on the penultimate slide in calamares - rhombus (nurunner's
logo) has a little shift to the right and down compared to the first and
the last slide's rhombuses.
13. Minor - konsole started from octopi ('Run in terminal' in
'Confirmation' window on installing packages) uses different styling then
konsole started in the usual way.
14. Add pamac along with (instead of) octopi into live sys - with
'pamac-tray-appindicator' package - for better kde integration, here is
link to video comparison of octopi and pamac - .
15. Brainstorm custom?/post install software (Antergos/BunsenLabs alike) -
with next features:
    detection for laptop or desktop type pc - remove/add packages for each
sys type (battery, wifi detection etc.)
    ability to install (remove):
        proprietary/opensource video drivers
        printing support
        bluetooth support
        latest/lts kernel
        java support - open/oracle jdk
        flash support - pepper/adobe flash
        uncomplicated firewall
        additional software
16. Add nurunner-testing repo into pacman.conf file.
17. Look at discord, when app will have these features - - it can be added
into nurunner repo.
18. Bug in 'Expanding Icons Task Manager' - sometimes there is just app
icon remains in the center of the task - text disappears and width of the
task stays unchanged - 'part-of-the-bottom-panel-1' screenshot - it's not
only on firefox task - on 'part-of-the-bottom-panel-2' screenshot - plus on
second panel screenshot - you can see dropbox icon is pixelated - it's not
stock icon but stock icon is pixelated too.
19. What is the name of the distro? - is it 'NuRunner', 'Nurunner' or
'NuRunner Rolling' - there are all of that names in packages descriptions
in repos.
20. Add package nurunner-iso-profile package with nurunner profile for
manjaro-tools into repos.
21. Increase yakuake scrollback lines to 10000 by default.
22. 'Manage Profiles...' doesn't work in yakuake.
23. On a barely-supported hardware for Nurunner - x2300 radeon - Nurunner's
themes don't display text in some menus but manjaro kde edition does,
screenshots: 'manjaro-kde-main-menu', 'nurunner-main-menu',
24. Disable confirmations of rebooting and shutting down in sddm - for
consistency with desktop session no confirmation logout.
25. When you choose session in sddm - sometimes cursor turns into cross.
26. Ability to boot in text mode from syslinux on live sys (and from grub
on installed system?).
27. Add secondary keyboard layout into live sys (along with english and
english by default) that was chosen in syslinux (F2) and on installed sys
(lang chosen in calamares).
28. Add whdd (utility for diagnostic/recovery hdds) in live sys in addition
to memtest.

1. Look at 'etcher' - utility for burning isos into usb/sd drives. Check
out it's roadmap - . After
adding these features it can be added to repo.
2. Add boomaga-qt5, smartgit, visual-studio-code, komodo-edit, yarock-qt5,
webtorrent-desktop, ring-kde, wire-desktop, skypeforlinux (when it's
mature, or ghetto-linux? mentioned before, or even skype in ice-ssb),
vivaldi (when starting from console - getting following error -
/etc/os-release: line 2: rolling: command not found - review
'/etc/os-release' file) and brave packages into repo.
3. '¿Lost your password?' and '¿Don't have an account?' questions - both
starts with inverted question marks in forum login window - like in spanish
lang - is this ok? - and if you fail to login - you'll be redirected to
this page - - and here link beside
password - '(Lost your password?)' - has no inverted question marks.
4. Look at 'Ultimate Boot CD' distro - - it
has many usefull utilities that can be selected and placed in live iso (and
in repos too) in something like 'Additional' menu item in syslinux - for
example utilites for wiping cmos, resetting win password, cpu/gpu burn
tests, etc. - apps like memtest, hardwire detection tool and whdd can be
placed there too.
5. Launch full-fledged 'System Monitor' (KSysGuard) on Ctrl + Esc shortcut
instead of stripped-down 'System Activity'.
6. Idea for disabling internal update checking/notification of all apps.
7. Persistent storage option for booting in syslinux.
8. Add kshutdown app (or other gui shutdown utility) into live sys.
9. Supply 'System Monitor' with 'Simple Read and Write Hard Disk
Information' tab by default from 'Get How New Stuff' (File - Download New
10. Create cname for that points and emmideatelly
redirects to .
11. 'Show this dialog on startup?' button doesn't toggling visually in
welcome app (but the button actually adds and removes welcome app from
autostart) + a lot of - 'Message: console message:
file:///usr/share/nurunner-welcome/index.html @1: ReferenceError: Can't
find variable: $' - error messages when you launch welcome app from console
and when you click 'Show this dialog at startup?' button.
12. Do not show updates from octopi on live sys - hide octopi entry in sys
tray by default on live sys - do you need to know that updates available on
live sys?
13. Allow only one instance of nurunner welcome app, don't launch it by
default in live sys - create desktop icon for it.
14. Add android studio + sdk + apktool + support packages.. for android
developement into repo.
15. Bundle chromium with chromium-widevine package for watching with
Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) Content Decryption Module (Netflix etc.) -
and add it into repo.
16. Include htop iotop and iftop by default in live sys
17. Standart app icon in main menu -> 'System' section and no icon for
'Nurunner Welcome' when you search for it in main menu (and no icon when
you add it's shortcut to the desktop too).
18. 'Nurunner Welcome' app uses netrunner icon (in window and in task
19. Submit Nurunner to Distrowatch -
20. Bundle dropbox when it will be available in repo (and in live sys) with
dropbox-plasma-dark-icons package + add it to repo + add
dropbox-plasma-light-icons package into repo too - cause default dropbox
icon is pixelated in sys tray (for me).
21. Make best firefox (chromium) exp - resolve 'updating addons
compatibility' window appearance on startup in live sys - disable some
functionality (like in light-firefox), add more privacy addons, more
speedup addons, download manager (down them all), save video helper, etc.
Think about best experience in other apps too (players, editors,
22. Too low quality of nurunner's background images in syslinux -
noticeable compression artifacts.
23. No or custom (blue not green from manjaro like now) theme in linux
kernel loading progressbar after choosing nurunner menu item in syslinux.
24. Disable current plasma loading animation with nurunner logo - make it
static image - it's lagging a little bit even on i5 cpu.
25. Checkout Apricity Freezedry - - .
26. There are two readmes - one on desktop and one in welcome app - i
sugest remove 'Readme' shortcut from desktop and make 'Read Me' in welcome
app a link that points to nurunner website's readme (like 'Forums' and 'Get
Involved' links) - or rename 'Read Me' in welcome app into 'About' or
something - and if Read Me/About will not be a link - make ability to go
back from it to the main/home section of the welcome app (maybe add 'Back '
button near current 'Close' button).
27. Nurunner's logo but 'Netrunner Menu' string on changing panel's widget
(clicking on three bottom right lines on the panel in default position)-
when you hover over application's menu icon.
28. Make top left 'Nurunner' text and logo image a link to main site in
welcome app.
29. There's no non-rolling edition of distro - so 'Rolling' text in welcome
app (and in systemd welcome message) can be changed to let's say 'Florence'
- . Further releases
can be named as best female runners at different distances.
30. Replace 'Expanding Icons Task Manager' with 'Icons-only Task Manager'
with new instance on middle-click option - tweak desktop theme for it.
31. Add kgpg, kompare, kcharselect, filezilla, gnome-disk-utility, calibre,
vym (with all toolbars enabled by default), redshift, enpass (or other
password manager) and maybe some note taking app into live sys.
32. Enable dropbox, kompare, kgpg dolphin services be default (i like KaOs
linux dolphin services).
33. Change bottom right screen edge behavior from 'Show Desktop' to
'Present Windows - All Desktops'.
34. Change alt tab visualization to compact (or to breeze).
35. Boot in verbose mode not in quite.
36. Add 'kcm-wacomtablet' package in repo and in live sys - gui for wacom
tablet drivers.
37. Add kio-gdrive package into repo and live sys - for accessing google
drive from dolphin - when it's become more mature - as for now i can't
login into account from it.
38. 'Could not start process Cannot talk to klaucher: Not connected to
D-Bus server' error if you want to save smart report in partitionmanager.

1. Contact with major linux news sites, propose them to write about
2. Add wmail (electron app for (g)mail), ricochet (im through tor network),
tor-browser (+ lang packs), ttf-oxygen (firefox dependency), docfetcher,
zeal (offline docs), demonsaw (sharing app, not in aur - ), ramme (instagram desktop app, not in aur - ) and tomahawk-qt5 into repos.
3. Inconsistent color themes on nurunner's main website subdomains: - dark blue, - light
blue, - more of black.
4. 'mlt_repository_init: failed to dlopen /usr/lib/mlt/
( cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)'
if you launch kdenlive from console - solution - presence of 'sox' package
in live sys.
5. 'GEGL-geglmodule.c-Message: Module '/usr/lib/gegl-0.2/' load
error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or
Failed to parse tag cache: No such file or directory' error on gimp startup
from console - solution - presence of 'libopenraw' package in live sys.
6. 'ERROR [plugin_load]:
/usr/lib/audacious/Container/ could not be loaded:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory' and 'ERROR [plugin_load]: /usr/lib/audacious/Input/ could not
be loaded: cannot open shared object file: No such file
or directory' errors on audacious startup - solution - presence of 'libcue'
and 'libsidplayfp' packages in live sys.
7. netrunner in server list in konversation.
8. Flickering of text in steam window when downloading initial update (on
first launch) - on intel 4500mhd video card.
9. Minor - kde system settings package without classic tree view option
(like in calculate linux kde).
10. ARM images.
11. Right click on desktop -> Configure desktop -> Mouse actions -> set
vertical scroll to 'Switch Window' action (everything else not working for
12. Integrate variety - change wallpaper once a day - preconfigure for
anonimous login and select image sources (nature - , digital art - , fantasy art - ... ). It would be great to have
different wallpapers on all nurunner installations (with default wallpaper
when offline or on first day), , .
13. Ability to work with flatpak, snap, appimage applications without
installing any additional packages on live sys.
14. Bundle firefox (and chromium) with beyond australis, video
downloadhelper (+ flashgot?), down them all, findbar tweak, https
everywhere, privacy badger, speed tweaks (speedyfox) with recommended
values and tab mix plus extensions (all preconfigured).
15. Develop Nurunner Tweaks app (like Lite Tweaks in Lite Linux) - for apps
tweaks (and use kaptan for kde tweaks) - or all-in-one Nurunner Control
Center with welcome screen.
16. Gmusicbrowser still not working - replace it with gmusicbrowser-shimmer
from aur, add flac123 (for flac support), vorbis-tools (for ogg support),
perl-net-dbus packages and their dependencies into live iso, replace
'perl-glib-object-introspection' package in repo with one from aur (to make
gmusicbrowser work).
17. Name distro as greatest challenges in the world - hardest marathons -
18. OpenRC version.
19. Add nfoview, kchmviwer, wireshark-qt, kde remote desktop app - and veracrypt packages into
live sys.
20. 'Failed to open VDPAU backend cannot open shared
object file: No such file or directory' error when started vlc from console
and opened some video file - add libvdpau-va-gl package into iso.
21. KInfocenter -> About System -> Network -> Network Status ->
{OnlineStatus} template instead of actual status info.
22. Use grub on live iso instead of syslinux - minimize differences between
look and feel of installed and live systems.
23. Use lts kernel, lts kde, esr firefox, libreoffice still...
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