Bug reporting : need pointer

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 13:11:42 BST 2016

On Wednesday June 29 2016 13:56:49 Loïc Grobol wrote:

> promptly installed plasma-wayland and am currently testing it. My
> problem is : where to report the bugs I find ? I expect it should be
> in Phabricator, but I am not familiar with it yet.

The primary place for reporting bugs is bugs.kde.org , unless you have a fix that you'd like to put up for review (and are ready to revise until it's accepted for shipping).

> Also : to which list should I post this very message ?

Things related to plasma would go to the plasma-devel ML but if there's a Neon-specific ML you could ask there first. From what I understand Neon installs in a parallel prefix, and I presume your GTk applications are in the main prefix. The null-hypothesis would be that something in the Neon software you installed doesn't pick up the main XDG_*DATA and/or XDG_*CONFIG settings (/usr/share/icons, for instance). Which could be by design or because you yourself missed a step during installation.

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