"autistic" Konsole

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 17:18:25 BST 2016


Not to hurt anyone's feelings, but I'm running into cases where Konsole behaves in a way where I can only communicate with it in indirect way.
In fact, it's as if keyboard input is ignored, but output from running processes still comes through. The menus work, and I can use the paste command to enter commands (e.g. "exit\n").

This happens with both Konsole4 and Konsole5 so I'm wondering if there isn't a magic key combination that deactivates the keyboard. I'm seeing this on a new notebook with a bit cramped chiclet-style keyboard that's giving me some adaptation trouble, and I have an impression it happens esp. when I'm in vi or editing a command line in tcsh's vi edit mode. It's clearly a process-wide thing, but when I launch a new konsole process it opens perfectly normally, and until now Konsole is the only application that's been showing this behaviour. Which makes me think I'm looking at a Konsole ideosyncrasie (or feature).

Any ideas?

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