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Dileep Sankhla sankhla.dileep96 at
Mon Jul 11 10:07:32 BST 2016

I'm using Ubuntu OS for the past one year and I can comfortably use the
basic commands needed such as for installation and all. I just know C++
between beginner-intermediate level and nothing beside that; I mean a
little C and no other language besides that. What motivated me for KDE and
Kubuntu is my rising interest for GUI and app development and the idea of
FOSS. I have never seen a such a wide community and such a wide collection
of apps. How should I begin? Please help.

On Mon, Jul 11, 2016 at 11:00 AM, Felix Miata <mrmazda at> wrote:

> Dileep Sankhla composed on 2016-07-11 10:30 (UTC+0530):
> I'm new to KDE and Qt. I'm also comfortable with C++. What should I learn
>> in Qt framework first to get started with KDE contribution? How can a
>> beginner like me contribute to KDE?
> P.S. I know this question requires a subjective answer but I really don't
>> know how to start. I just installed Kubuntu plasma desktop.
> Like for most things on the Internet, Google is your friend. Here are a
> few it found for me:
> Given that you've "just installed" Kubuntu, we might be able to be more
> instructive by knowing a little more of your motivations and background,
> such as whether you are also new to Linux, and if not, what besides C++ you
> are comfortable with, and what attracted you to KDE and Kubuntu.
> Also:
> 1-subscribe to to see
> what's going on. Might spot something you'd like to help with there too.
> 2-register on if you haven't already, then take a
> look through a query of open bugs. Maybe you'll spot something for which
> you could provide a patch to fix.
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