The current state of EGL in KDE/Plasma

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu Jan 28 09:52:32 GMT 2016

On Thursday January 28 2016 10:04:22 Martin van Es wrote:

>So, my questions are: what's KDE's offficial stand on EGL? Is Martin
>(Graesslin)'s Blog still valid? Should we be worried GLX will be deprecated
>before intel driver is ready for DRI3 by default? Should we worry about
>wayland integration on intel hardware? Is EGL a dead end, etc. etc?

I'd add one (or rephrase): is eye-candy more important than supporting anything but the most recent hardware. And that is ultimately a question about the targeted user population. Is it first and foremost a toy for KDE devs themselves and the Phoronix-fanboy category of users, or does it seriously aim to provide a desktop alternative for people who use Linux to get their work done (and thus need a stable, feature-rich and self-effacing desktop that doesn't get in the way)?

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