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max+kde at max+kde at
Wed Jan 27 09:08:50 GMT 2016

Hi list,

I really love the integration of KDE using databases and indexing.
Unfortunately I have got some issues with KDE's indexing.

I'm Kubuntu 15.10 and Debian Testing, both on their own computer. Both
show the same symptoms.

The first is, that Kmail2 (version 5.0.2) does not find all e-mails when
using search functionality.

The second is, that krunner does not find all files I have got. I
open files regularly using konsole 15.08. When opening files
using dolphin, I can open them via krunner. Nevertheless I thought that
*all* files under /home/me get indexed and this is what I want.

Are there any means to improve upon this or should I just hope for new
KDE versions?


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