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Christoph Pleger Christoph.Pleger at
Thu Aug 4 13:35:23 BST 2016


Duncan wrote:

> Yes.  Kde5 looks in a number of places for its settings,
> including both user and system locations.  The user locations
> are probably going to be in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME, which (from memory,
> mine is customized and I don't want to look it up ATM) defaults
> to ~/.config/share/.  The system location(s) normally default to
> XDG_CONFIG_SYSTEM (again, from memory, something close tho),
> which in turn defaults to /usr/share/.

I now found the configuration files in the user's home directory:

1. The desktop wallpaper is saved in

2. The screenlock wallpaper is saved in ~/.config/kscreenlockerrc

3. The desktop theme is saved in ~/.config/plasmarc

4. The splash screen theme is saved in ~/.config/ksplashrc

5. The look and feel is saved in ~/.config/kdeglobals and in

I could not find any same-named files in /usr/share, or files with other
names but same configuration variables. Any idea where to store the values


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