Can't resize, move or remove some widgets

Marcelo Magno T. Sales mmtsales at
Tue Mar 24 07:43:39 GMT 2015

Em sábado, 21 de março de 2015, às 07:45:44, Duncan escreveu:

> Tho with luck it was simply something like a migration issue from an
> earlier version of the file, originally created with an earlier version
> of kde, and starting fresh means you'll be starting with the new format
> this time and thus won't have the migration possibly triggering the same
> issue, again.  I know there have been a few of that sort of migration
> issues in the past.  While a fix for them is certainly nice, at least
> once the problem is fixed on a particular user's config, it shouldn't
> happen again. =:^/

Unfortunately not... They were all working in this same KDE version, same 
install, until I got a new HiDPI monitor. KDE does not know yet how to deal 
with HiDPI monitors very well, so my old setup became a little messy. Then I 
did a lot of resizing and repositioning of the plasmoids trying to get a more 
pleasant desktop despite the poor HiDPI handling by KDE (they were all 
behaving normally then). After some logouts and logins, two plasmoids became 
permanently locked as I described.
When I have the time, I'll try first creating a new activity as you suggested 
and, if this is not enough, I will reset my plasma configuration... However, 
it is indeed heavily customized and it will take some time to get it back the 
way it is now. So I'm procrastinating it a little, I don't have the time to do 
this right now.


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