Can't resize, move or remove some widgets

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Sat Mar 21 07:45:44 GMT 2015

Marcelo Magno T. Sales posted on Fri, 20 Mar 2015 20:55:29 -0300 as

> Thank you for your suggestions, I'll try them. Unfortunately, the easy
> one did not work. As you had guessed, the Remove command in the context
> menu is only available for those plasmoids that are behaving normally.
> The problematic ones do not present this command.

That is... strange.  As I indicated, it suggests that some plasmoids 
aren't getting plasma's lock/unlock messages, in some cases even when 
other instances of the same plasmoid are.

That's certainly a bug, but at this point, I don't expect it'll ever be 
fixed in kde4, since the focus is now on kde5.  Obviously the hope is 
that the bug, whatever is triggering it, is missing in the qt5/kde5 
implementation.  But of course it's likely to have bugs of its own...

I guess time will tell...

What bothers me with this sort of known-to-be-there-but-not-yet-traced-
down bug, however, is that even if blowing away that entire activity (or 
even the entire plasma-desktop-appletsrc file) disappears the problem for 
now, since we never got to the bottom of it, there's no way to know 
whether it won't simply be back tomorrow, or next week.  Sometimes it's 
that way and we gotta live with it, but I really hate doing so, and as a 
result I try my best to trace things down if I can.

Tho with luck it was simply something like a migration issue from an 
earlier version of the file, originally created with an earlier version 
of kde, and starting fresh means you'll be starting with the new format 
this time and thus won't have the migration possibly triggering the same 
issue, again.  I know there have been a few of that sort of migration 
issues in the past.  While a fix for them is certainly nice, at least 
once the problem is fixed on a particular user's config, it shouldn't 
happen again. =:^/

Anyway, if you're curious enough about it, you can always save off the 
existing config before you blow it away, and then when you reconfigure, 
try comparing the old one to the new one to see what settings are the 
same and which ones are different.  Assuming the new setup doesn't have 
the problem, the problem is very likely in one of the different bits.  
But which one could be the tough question, as there's likely to be a 
bunch of "noise" changes (exact position may be different by a few 
pixels, etc), and finding the culprit among all the noise could be 
difficult.  I might try it just because I /don't/ like to let those 
problems go without knowing the problem line and hopefully what went 
wrong based on it, but it's nothing you're obligated to do, unless of 
course you have the same drive to really nail the problem down...

> Sorry for the multipart message, I didn't realize I was not sending
> plain text only messages. Hope it is ok now.

Yes.  Thanks. =:^)

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