Tiling WM for Plasma 5.2

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Mon Mar 23 03:46:09 GMT 2015

Alex Barry posted on Sat, 21 Mar 2015 19:05:32 -0400 as excerpted:

> Sorry if this post gets doubled, I think my first post is hanging out in
> a moderation queue because I hadn't completely set up my mailing list
> account.
> I've done a lot of searching and can't seem to find any answers.  Over
> the last year, I've grown very accustomed to i3wm, and tiling window
> managers in general.  I decided to give KDE 5/Plasma a shot, and was
> very interested in trying it with a tiling window manager.  The
> drop-down in Settings > Applications > Window Manager for a different wm
> is disabled, and does not show my i3 install, or any other tiling wm I
> install.  I have found some guides for using tiling wms in KDE 4, but
> these configurations do not seem to reflect anything that lives in 5.2. 
> What options do I have?  Are there any special configuration files I
> need to create/edit to make any tiling manager work?

Unfortunately I don't have an answer to the question, but I can confirm 
that your question made it the first time, as I recall reading it and 
wondering if I should post a reply at least confirming that the post made 
it, then.  (I know how painful it can be waiting for a reply, any reply, 
even if it doesn't have a direct answer to the question.  So sometimes I 
will do mostly "punt replies" with little real value other than letting 
people know the message made it, and hope someone else with a better 
answer posts later.  Obviously I didn't, this time.)

But... I believe it's a bit early in general for kde5 questions to have a 
good chance at an answer yet.  People are just beginning to switch to it, 
and there's simply not the experience base out there yet, for people to 
use in such replies.

Here, I've not yet switched, tho I did try out kde5 several months ago.  
But that trial was very short-lived as kwin5 apparently didn't like my 
Radeon graphics and the native linux-kernel/mesa/xorg drivers I run, and 
repeatedly crashed and respawned.  Unfortunately, core bits of kde5 
cannot be co-installed with the parallel bits of kde4, and kwin is 
apparently one of those core bits, and I have no other WMs installed, so 
I was pretty much stymied right there.  So I had to uninstall kde5 again 
and reinstall a working kde4.  Too bad they couldn't be installed in 
parallel, or I'd have kept working at getting kde5 going.  Oh, well.

I've been wanting to try it again since pretty much everything involved, 
including qt5, has updated since then, but I've simply not had the time 
and have been struggling just to keep up with regular stuff, let alone 
trying to find the time to try kde5 again, and assuming it works, get it 
configured to my liking.

And I'd guess I'm not alone.  There's simply not enough people with kde5 
experience yet, to really answer questions about it here.  In another six 
months, that's likely to have changed significantly, but now...

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