konqueror links in iframe want to open in other window

Jerome Yuzyk jerome at supernet.ab.ca
Mon Mar 2 23:49:47 GMT 2015

I am having a problem with embedding local Webalizer pages in an iframe and 
viewing that in Konqueror (KDE 4.11.5). Links inside the iframe want to 
open in a new window and even the right-click "Open in this Window" option 
is missing for links in the iframe. I'm using a file:///...index.html and 
testing on my desktop before deploying to be served by Apache. I have other 
examples that I hadn't tested in Konqueror before but did now and they act 
the same.

There's nothing in the Webalizer output nor mine to make this "open in new 
window" behaviour, and I can't find anything in my Konqueror config that 
could be doing this.

Ah... this only happens for file:/// URLs - why would that be?

I really like Konqueror as my utility browser so I'd still like to solve 
this if I can.

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