What happen with korundum?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sun Mar 1 01:00:53 GMT 2015

Christian posted on Sat, 28 Feb 2015 14:51:05 -0800 as excerpted:

> I have to write a Qt application for Windows (yugh! don't like but I
> have no option) and GNU/Linux. I don't want to code in C++ and preferred
> Ruby instead.
> So I searched for bindings and found these: QtRuby, qtbindings and
> Korundum.
> - QtRuby4 was las updated: 2.1.0 - February 17, 2010 mswin32 according
> to (1)
> - qtbindings version is matched with Qt's one and is 4.8.6. Then,
> is more up- to-date than QtRuby4.
> - Korundum is a special case.
> When I found Korundum it said it was a KDE binding for Ruby, a beautiful
> techbase page (2) with lots of explanations. I found it awesome, but
> seems some kind of abandoned:

I don't have an answer to your question (Kevin Krammer is a kde dev 
active on the lists, who usually has the best answer to developer-level 
questions; I expect he'll be around with an answer shortly...), but...

Unless your project is one-shot, effectively abandonware, I'd strongly 
encourage you to go with qt5 at this point.  Qt5 very likely also 
explains some of the staleness you're seeing in the ruby bindings you 
mention above, altho not being a dev (only a relatively advanced gentoo 
user and admin accustomed to doing my own builds, as well as following 
some developer-context discussion), the last is only speculation on my 

Qt4 (and kde4) remains the most available and used on Linux at least for 
now, but kde5 is out there now and the leading edge distros are beginning 
to ship it, so I expect most will be before the end of the year.  After 
that, kde4-desktop's time is very limited (tho unlike the kde3/kde4 
update, there are efforts this time to keep kde4 supported at the app 
level in kde5, and even some of the big ones are likely to remain qt4/kde4 
for another year or two), and with it gone, the focus will very quickly 
move to qt5.

I'm less sure about other platforms, but believe qt5 is actually better 
supported on at least some of them, already.

So for a new qt-based project starting now, as I said unless it's 
effectively one-shot abandonware, I STRONGLY recommend a qt5 base as if 
you don't start with it now, you'll likely be moving to it rather soon 
for ongoing development.

Meanwhile, qt5 is considerably more flexible from a developer perspective 
as well, much more modular, with the possibility of only requiring the 
modules you need.  Meanwhile, big qt-based projects such as kde are 
becoming much more modular as well, with some of the more basic kde 
functionality now incorporated in qt5 modules, and most of the remaining 
basic kde functionality exposed in the kde-frameworks modules, also 
optional, such that many formerly kde-based projects are now primarily qt-
based, possibly with a kde-frameworks module or two as dependencies as 
well (instead of all of kdelibs4).  IOW, the line between the two is 
considerably blurred from a qt-developer perspective, and the rather 
stark choice between qt-only functionality and including the richness of 
kde but at the cost of formerly huge kdelibs as a dependency, is now 
pretty well entirely gone.

So again, qt5 would seem to be the way to go, picking the modules you 
need and adding to them if you like with a few selected kde-frameworks 
modules.  Further, given that on other platforms (such as MS Windows) 
static linking is much more common, going qt5/kde-frameworks modularity 
has the potential to shrink app distribution sizes there dramatically, 
without unduly shorting yourself in the library functionality department.

Finally, while I don't know the status of qt5 ruby bindings, its worth 
mentioning that qtwebkit5 appears to have a build-time (not runtime, tho) 
dep on ruby, at least according to the qtwebkit-5.4.1.ebuild package I 
have installed here.  So (somewhat to my displeasure as I have no other 
need for ruby here, and that pulls in a bunch more ruby infrastructure), 
at least people building qtwebkit5 are already likely to have ruby 
installed as a result of that.  As a result, I'd say chances are pretty 
high there's active ruby bindings for qt5. =:^)

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