NFS Symlinks on Desktop

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Tue Jan 20 22:29:07 GMT 2015

Daniel Miller posted on Tue, 20 Jan 2015 09:24:15 -0800 as excerpted:

> Deleting and re-creating the symlinks solves the problem - but doesn't
> give me a good long-term solution.  I'm at the point that I may have the
> symlinks deleted and re-created as part of a post-login script.


I know nothing of NFS so can't help with that, but I sure recognize the 
spirit of that delete/recreate post-login script you came up with, and 
commend your creativity! =:^)

(FWIW I have a long-open kde4-plasma bug where plasma starts but won't 
recognize my customized activities and starts with a new, blank activity, 
despite loading my panels just fine from the very same plasma-desktoprc!  
But killing and restarting plasma-desktop loads the activities just fine, 
altho if plasma-desktoprc is left writable it'll add a new blank activity 
every time until I have dozens of them, so I gotta keep it and 
activitymanagerrc read-only.  So since kde 4.9 or possibly 4.10 I've had 
a post-login script that kills and restarts plasma-desktop.  What a 
hack!  But it works!  So like I said I recognize the spirit and commend 
your creativity! =:^]  

I'm hoping plasma5 solves that issue, tho so far I've not been able to 
see since the couple times I tried it, kwin kept crashing as it 
apparently doesn't like my mainline-freedomware xorg/mesa/linux graphics 
card/drivers, and I had to delete kde5/frameworks5/plasma5 and go back to 
a working, if hacked, kde4/plasma4, since 4 and 5 don't coexist well on 
the same installation and thus I couldn't keep 5 installed and updating 
while trying to get it working.  =:^( )

So hope you have better luck than I did with a "real" fix, but meanwhile, 
I do respect your hack! =:^)

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