NFS Symlinks on Desktop

Daniel Miller dmiller at
Tue Jan 20 17:24:15 GMT 2015

I have several workstations that access an NFS server.  The technical 
level of my users is quite low.

The network shares are mounted in fstab during boot and appear to mount 
without issues.  I have placed symlinks in the user's Desktop folders to 
those mountpoints.  Sometimes this works perfectly. Other times, 
especially upon initial boot/startup/login, the Desktop will reflect 
unknown filetype icons for these links and refuse to open them with Dolphin.

The mount points appear valid while the invalid icons appear. Deleting 
and re-creating the symlinks solves the problem - but doesn't give me a 
good long-term solution.  I'm at the point that I may have the symlinks 
deleted and re-created as part of a post-login script.

Any ideas why this is breaking?


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