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John Layt jlayt at
Thu Aug 20 17:39:38 BST 2015

On 20 August 2015 at 10:37, ianseeks <ianseeks at> wrote:
>>> "Ahead of the Plasma 5.4 release later this month and after last week's KDE
>>> Frameworks 5.13 release is KDE Applications 15.08."
>>> How am I supposed to keep track of these things?!
> Thats a lot of numbers to keep your eye on when reading about KDE

It's 'worse' than that: the Applications release is actually just a
release number, in this case the August 2015 release, the individual
apps inside that release can actually have different version numbers
depending on what their developer gives them.

Most people should just ignore Frameworks, it really doesn't concern
end users. Watch the Plasma and individual Application version numbers
and you're fine.

The only change from our end is perhaps to less emphasise the monthly
Frameworks releases in our PR so people don't fixate on their version

Maybe we could make it clearer in the Applications release that's it's
just a convenient release cycle not some deep and meaningful version
number. Most people don't give a damn what version of Office or
Outlook or IE or whatever they have installed on Windows, neither
should our users really.

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