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Thu Oct 16 03:16:27 BST 2014

Frank Steinmetzger posted on Wed, 15 Oct 2014 16:20:22 +0200 as excerpted:

> Are you sure the netbook isn’t already 64 bit capable? I have one here
> with an Atom N450

Yes.  It's a gen-1.5 netbook, first-gen Atom N270 -- 32-bit only.

Which is why I said I'm thinking about upgrading to an (amd64-based) 
chromebook or something, rather than bothering trying to do a clean stage3 
install or an in-place upgrade jumping three years (difficult, and I'd 
have to do it in stages using old tree snapshots since a portage that old 
won't work with the current tree, but doable in general, and I've done 
1.5-2-year upgrades on it before, so I know the general principles and 
have done it before).  I do rather like the little thing, but if I do 
this I'd be effectively chalking up the first one as a challenge and 
learning experience that I successfully mastered, and moving on.  
Arguably it's time.

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