All KNotes gone

Frank Steinmetzger Warp_7 at
Wed Oct 15 15:20:22 BST 2014

On Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 06:58:10AM +0000, Duncan wrote:

> >> Some while ago already, KDE killed all my knotes. I think it was when
> >> 4.13.0 came out, and some migrator tried to migrate the existing notes.
> >> Well, it failed here. Now, I really want to have them back.
> >
> > I finally fixed this. The reason was that my KDE was built
> > inconsistently.
> >
> > I'm a Gentoo user, so all is built from source. Due to lack of time I
> > did not update my system properly in a while, and did not notice that
> > not all of KDE's packages were up to date. I was missing the kdepim USE
> > flag, which probably had been automatically enabled before. Without it,
> > all stuff related to this was not updated since April. The rest was, but
> > did not care about the old versions of KDEPIM stuff I had installed.
> Hmm... I run with USE="-* ..." so don't have to worry about flags
> changing auto-enabled state on me.

There have been discussions on the gentoo mailing list why this is not a
very good idea. The novel of procedures you wrote would have been a little
more appropriate there (since it’s got nothing to do with KDE).

> [...]
> My netbook, is quite a different story.  I do the builds for it in a 32-
> bit chroot on my main machine too, but it can go a year or more between
> updates.  Actually, I think it's three years now, and I'm considering
> simply doing a clean stage-3 reinstall this time around.  Or maybe
> dumping it and buying a 64-bit amd64-based chromebook or the like, to
> wipe and run gentoo on of course, so for the most part I can use the same
> binpkgs on both machines.

Are you sure the netbook isn’t already 64 bit capable? I have one here with
an Atom N450 and did some comparisons between 32 and 64 bit when I got it
fresh. Performance increase was from 10% minimum to 50% and more for special
cases (like lilypond compiling music scores into PDF). In the end, I set up
a 64 bit kernel to make use of 64 bit registers, but stayed with 32 bit
userland to make better use of the tiny CPU caches. An as all my machines
do, it has a LUKSed home partition.

To be fair, this was not KDE-specific either, but hey, I’m compiling KDE on
that thing, which -- for a full upgrade -- takes around 16 to 20 hours.
Unfortunately, it eats LVDS cables, so I can’t use it on the move anymore. :-(
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