All KNotes gone

Alex Schuster wonko at
Wed Oct 15 00:13:42 BST 2014

Finally! The notes are back.

I wrote:

> Some while ago already, KDE killed all my knotes. I think it was when
> 4.13.0 came out, and some migrator tried to migrate the existing notes.
> Well, it failed here. Now, I really want to have them back.

I finally fixed this. The reason was that my KDE was built inconsistently.

I'm a Gentoo user, so all is built from source. Due to lack of time I did
not update my system properly in a while, and did not notice that not all
of KDE's packages were up to date. I was missing the kdepim USE flag,
which probably had been automatically enabled before. Without it, all
stuff related to this was not updated since April. The rest was, but did
not care about the old versions of KDEPIM stuff I had installed.

My main fault was not to run emerge --depclean, which would have removed
obsolete packages like knotes, so I would have noticed. Still, it's
somewhat weird that the migrator did not check whether the application is
up to date, but well, I guess that's one of the things I need to care
about myself.

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