Pressing Ctrl+Space in Konsole

Frank Steinmetzger Warp_7 at
Sat Nov 15 01:43:37 GMT 2014

Dear list

perhaps you can take the tomatoes from my eyes. I have two machines. When I
run midnight commander in Konsole and press Ctrl+Space, then on one machine
the appropriate action triggers, and on the other one it doesn’t.

It must be Konsole eating the shortcut, because if I ssh onto the machine
and start mc from there, Ctrl+Space works. I diffed the two’s konsolerc, but
there was no difference regarding keyboard input. I use tmux on both
computers, but its config is kept in sync between all my computers.

What else can I look for? For example, I was unable to find the Konsole
profiles (using grep -i terminus in .kde/share/config, which is the font in
one of my profiles).

Thanks for any helpful hints.
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