All those mother fucking 100% cpu daemons...

Vinicius Gobbo Antunes de Oliveira vgobbo at
Thu May 15 21:20:35 BST 2014

Yes, it is possible: use a System Request like ALT + SYSRQ + S, which
performs emergency sync of the disks.

To configure this varies between distros, and need no knowledge of
kernel programming, configuration, etc (or at last didn't last time I
did this in my Gentoo box).

Are you really really sure that the problem is KDE? Sorry questioning
this, just trying to narrow down the issue you are having.

On 05/15/2014 05:16 PM, Maxime Haselbauer wrote:
> I am using kde since 2010
> There has been continuously a problem with a given component of KDE that I won't even mentionn it but basically the problem is like that:
> 1)you work
> 2)and suddenly a programm starts to rev-up at 100% cpu  and your computer does not respond anymore until you press the shutdown button
> My questions:
> 1) Is it currently possible to have like an "emegency" button so that when this happen you would press on it, it would freeze everything and head you back to a terminal immediatly where you can kill those mother fuckers
> Basically it would be like ctrl+alt+f1 but ctrl+alt+f1 does not respond as well when something is running at 100% cpu... 
> 2) I guess answer to 1 is "no because one would need direct access to kernel", but what it is not done already by the linux developper ? (if you can't operate your system then it is not an "operating system"...)
> 3) Why kde softwares (and others as well) don't have a cpu usage limiter? is it so hard to programm?
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