All those mother fucking 100% cpu daemons...

Maxime Haselbauer maxime.haselbauer at
Thu May 15 21:16:48 BST 2014

I am using kde since 2010
There has been continuously a problem with a given component of KDE that I won't even mentionn it but basically the problem is like that:
1)you work
2)and suddenly a programm starts to rev-up at 100% cpu  and your computer does not respond anymore until you press the shutdown button

My questions:
1) Is it currently possible to have like an "emegency" button so that when this happen you would press on it, it would freeze everything and head you back to a terminal immediatly where you can kill those mother fuckers
Basically it would be like ctrl+alt+f1 but ctrl+alt+f1 does not respond as well when something is running at 100% cpu... 
2) I guess answer to 1 is "no because one would need direct access to kernel", but what it is not done already by the linux developper ? (if you can't operate your system then it is not an "operating system"...)
3) Why kde softwares (and others as well) don't have a cpu usage limiter? is it so hard to programm?
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