How to get a bigger icon in the application switcher

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Thu May 1 12:53:21 BST 2014

On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 05:39:28AM +0000, Duncan wrote:
> Frank Steinmetzger posted on Sun, 27 Apr 2014 18:17:06 +0200 as excerpted:
> > I’m having a slight issue with my KDE on Gentoo. I enabled the
> > application switcher theme with larger icons, as I dislike the default
> > one ever since it started showing all non-selected icons in greyscale.
> Fellow gentooer. =:^)
> FWIW I had no idea what the default was, so I went thru all the switchers 
> and it seems only "informational" displays that grayscale-except-for-
> selected-icon behavior.  So you should be able to switch to any of the 
> others.

Uhm... I did. That’s the whole point of this mail; the one I switched to
shows this problem.

> And FWIW, I use "thumbnail" as my primary switcher, here, with 
> "flipswitch" as secondary.  A scaled down version of the window itself is 
> a lot easier to use than the icon.  Tho I do believe that requires 
> working/enabled OpenGL, but any of the several scaled-window switchers 
> really /really/ increase the usability of the switcher if they're 
> available, at least for me.

That would technically work for me, but it introduces a bit of lag and
I prefer icons, for they are faster to recognise than a miniature that
is changing constantly.

What I do use occasionally is the present windows (a.k.a. Exposé)
effect because of its neat quick-filter.

> > Some applications still appear with a small icon (i.e. 48×48 Pixel) in
> > it. One of them is Konqueror (though that doesn’t bother me much), and
> > more importantly Firefox. Initially I hoped it to be a packaging problem
> > – the Gentoo package only installed a 48×48 icon into
> > /usr/share/pixmaps. So I filed a bug about that.¹
> > 
> > You can read some more details in there (it’s not very long), because I
> > did have big icons with Arch linux which shared its home partition with
> > my Gentoo system.
> Interesting.
> FWIW, I'm running kde-live -9999 versions (from the kde overlay) of most 
> packages here(tho I've not updated for about 10 days I'd guess), so it's 
> very likely I'm running a newer kde than you.  But I did experiment a bit 
> with the large-icons switcher, and have a large aurora icon here. (I have 
> the bindist flag on so get the generic aurora name and icons, not the 
> firefox branding.)

Aurora is the not-yet-published beta, innit? I suppose then you’re using
an out-of-tree ebuild, because it’s not in portage and you’re speaking
of use flags.

> But I do have a smaller icon for pan, which only ships the pixmap icon, 
> not the newer hicolor, etc, icons.  So I see the problem, just not with 
> firefox.  (I don't actually have konqueror installed so can't check what 
> size icon I get for it.)
> […]
> But I only saw that after restarting both of them, the takeaway being 
> that if you're doing any experimenting, be sure to restart both kwin and 
> the apps you're checking the icon with (restarting X/KDE should work too, 
> but isn't necessary), or you'll see the old size.

> […]
> Meanwhile, while you sort of checked the reverse of this by checking with 
> arch using the same homedir, you might wish to try either setting up a 
> new test-user temporarily, […]

That is my usual approach at debugging weird behaviour, also to rule out
any left-over cruft in my user’s config from previous KDE versions.
(Albeit that this particular install and its home dir is practically
new, I only synchronise select files and dirs between machines with

> If the problem is gone with all default settings (except for changing the 
> switcher to large icons, obviously), the problem is obviously in the user 
> settings, not in the system config.

A new test user has the issue just the same.

> If it's in your user settings you can then try bisecting the problem
> down to an individual file […]
I did this in the past... I think it was a font rendering issue. For
that I actually bisected my config dir by clearing it and then doing it
Newton-style -- always adding half of the remaining files until the
issue cropped and then removing half of what I last added until it was
gone again.

> If the problem is still there with all default user settings, then it 
> must be either the difference in versions (if any) between arch and 
> gentoo's kde, OR, perhaps, a distro-specific patch applied by one or the 
> other.

Well as I said, I compared the package contents and the arch package
just installed more icons (not only until 128×128, as Gentoo does these
days). I might have to look at it again.
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