Kmail-1.13.5 "Reply to mailing list" is using old list addy and its been moved

Gene Heskett gheskett at
Sat Mar 1 13:22:47 GMT 2014

On Saturday 01 March 2014 08:06:12 Kevin Krammer did opine:

> On Saturday, 2014-03-01, 00:32:00, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > On Saturday 01 March 2014 00:12:50 Thomas Tanghus did opine:
> > > Then it would be kind to supply the solution you found in your
> > > message for users that in the future will search for the same
> > > answer and find your question in the mailing list archives.
> > > For those users I can inform that you can RMB-click on the folder,
> > > select "Folder properties"=>"Mailing list"
> > 
> > It would be nice if that option was available from the RMB click on
> > the foldername in the folder list, but 1.13.5 as supplied by 10.04.4
> > LTS is bereft of such an item.  ISTR it used to be there a couple
> > years ago, but is not now.
> I think it was moved out of the context menu because people kept
> complaining about it being to full and this being a feature not used by
> many and those who do would be advanced users and able to find it in
> the main menu.
> Classic example of not being able to make everyone happy :)
Or as one rather opinionated GM I used to have was fond of saying, "it 
worked, so we quit doing it." But in reality, it was he who was always 
jumping on the "next big thing" to boost sales.  Often as not his ideas 
went splat in the marketplace or were counter to the rules. He also wanted 
to run a lottery, and I had to shove the 47CFR rules under his nose rather 
forcefully on that point. :(  There was more, but when he was "retired", I 
was still standing. :)

> I also liked it in the context menu, IMHO this is what it is there for.

+ at least 2.  But I know its old and will not be pulled out of the closet 
again without a CVE or such.  And this isn't.

But no one has answered as to the reason the kdepim-users list seems to 
have amnesia about its subscribers?

Cheers Kevin, Gene
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