Kmail-1.13.5 "Reply to mailing list" is using old list addy and its been moved

Thomas Tanghus thomas at
Sat Mar 1 03:56:14 GMT 2014

On Friday 28 February 2014 21:31 Gene Heskett wrote:
> So the question is where, in a running kmail, do I reconfigure this
> behavior?
> And I am aware that this message probably belongs to the kde-pim list, but
> the noise level from the robot has become intolerable to the user. 1500+
> msgs in the last 2 days, I unsubbed.

You should use the kdepim-users list for questions like this. kde-pim is the 
developers list that also gets review requests etc.

> I should advise that I found it by reading the web page docs on the web site

Then it would be kind to supply the solution you found in your message for 
users that in the future will search for the same answer and find your 
question in the mailing list archives.
For those users I can inform that you can RMB-click on the folder, select 
"Folder properties"=>"Mailing list".
If the solution you've found is different please quote it here or in the 
kdepim-users list.

Med venlig hilsen / Best Regards

Thomas Tanghus
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