non-themed kdm greeter text needs to be bigger

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Sun Jul 20 15:18:34 BST 2014

On 2014-07-20 12:47 (GMT) Duncan composed:

> Felix Miata posted on Sat, 19 Jul 2014 22:57:29 -0400 as excerpted:

>> kdmrc makes obvious how to choose sizes for main greeter texts headline,
>> std & fail. What's required to configure the greeter's menu text to be
>> the same legible size as the std text?
>> doesn't say. Is there an indirect way to make all greeter text sizes
>> bigger without resorting to theming?


> Looks like you figured out how to make a greeter screenshot (an earlier
> question =:^).

Yes and no. I asked in multiple locations, got only one response, via IRC:

That on its own was insufficient. I had to go back to IRC multiply to get it 
explained well enough to get the job done.

I'm still wanting an answer not involving remote access, something much 
simpler, as is the case while performing a typical distro installation.

> Be that as it may, while I don't know the kde-specific technology, and
> don't have a greeter installed here at all as I login at the CLI, one
> general solution I've used to change font size in the past is to set X's
> DPI...

On your giant display it may not have been obvious, but that screenshot was 
taken in what should be a 144 DPI context. It's a different degree problem 
according to what the DPI actually is, but not solvable via DPI when DPI has 
already been set where it needs to be set or DPI forcing is being ignored. It 
would be a lesser problem were not KDM ignoring the xrandr commands necessary 
to work around and do DPI 
configuration via xorg.conf* DisplaySize instead of messing with xrandr.

KDM3 doesn't misbehave like KDM4 does:

Maybe I filed in the wrong place, but knowing what I know about v4 locking 
vs. v5 development, and LightDM replacing KDM, I suspect attempting a 
solution upstream of a distro would be an exercise in futility. Plus the 
complexity of getting a shot set up remotely made me avoid attempting to 
ensure that the problem and absence of apparent solution is the same on other 
than openSUSE.
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