virtuoso-t constantly segfaulting

Gene Heskett gheskett at
Fri Jan 31 06:38:57 GMT 2014

On Friday 31 January 2014 01:06:58 Thomas Tanghus did opine:

> I should have trimmed this post, but I wouldn't know where :D

So I did. :(
> I could have spent an hour or two looking up linuxcnc, rtai, xenomai
> patchkit, and so forth, but it seems to me you should be running a
> separate box (or virtual box) for your "stepper motors". I vaguely
> remember you mentioning it, but also then thought that it wasn't anyway
> relevant to a "desktop" environment.

I might gently remind you that a computer can be made to do anything it has 
the hardware to do.  This one actually has a lot more hardware than the 
machine controllers do.
> Trying seriously to be as diplomatic as possible, I'd say that you
> should really consider separating your mission critical work from you
> day-to-day work space.

I know you mean well, and its appreciated, but theres enough diff between 
10.4.4 LTS and 12.04.3 LTS that an ssh -Y into the real machines isn't very 
stable (tends to crash the target box) and NFS shares are hit & miss too. 
So while I am instantly running a much newer 3.12.6 PAE kernel on this box, 
the installs are still the same.

Besides those considerations, the 12.04.3 LTS GUI is a huge step backwards 
in usability, or my other drive with it on it, is horribly miss configured. 
CTL+ALT+t won't call up a console for instance, I have to go hunt thru a 
totally different menu system to find it.

> > Cheers, Gene
> To you too, and sorry if I sounded condescending - I'm not sure I have
> the age for it in this forum :)

You haven't said, and thats one of those things that, combined with a buck 
and a half, will get a 16 oz hot coffee to go at the local 7-11 store.

My apologies too, I tend to use my age (working on the 80th) as an excuse 
to be a jerk without first establishing my creds. :(

xenomai is a "patchkit", just like RTAI is, just to give linux the ability 
to do something with a steady 20 u-sec heartbeat, with not more than 2 u-
secs of jitter in that heartbeat.  Normal linux might be able to manage 20 
milliseconds unless its an nvidia driver and video card, in which case it 
could be 500 milliseconds.

Cheers, Gene
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