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Gene Heskett posted on Thu, 30 Jan 2014 18:35:12 -0500 as excerpted:

> On Thursday 30 January 2014 18:31:43 Duncan did opine:
>> Vacuum internal storage
> Interesting Duncan, but my old 10.04.4 LTS version of it doesn't seem to
> recognize that and doesn't do anything but throw a help screen, so I
> have to stop, and restart kmail at least daily or it just gets slower
> and slower.  I assume the effect is the same?

For the record, OpenSuSE 10.04.4, correct?  Because kde's only up to 
4.12.1 (with 4.12.2 in preparation... I follow the 4.12 live branch and 
saw some commits bumping the version at my last update), so 10.x 
certainly can't refer to kde, which is what this list covers (tho opensuse 
does ship kde).

On topic... I'm actually not sure as I switched from kmail to claws-mail 
some time ago (early 4.7 timeframe, when it became clear akonadified kmail 
was going somewhere entirely different than I was interested in 
following) here, but...

Assuming restarting kmail does an automated vacuum, the effect would 
indeed be the same.

But I think that's a bad assumption, as akonadi continues to run (at 
least it did back when I last used kmail/akonadi) if you're just 
restarting kmail.  I'd guess it'd take an akonadi restart at least, and 
even then, I'm not sure if that would trigger an automated vacuum or not.

Presumably there is some sort of automated vacuum triggered periodically, 
say every 90 days or something, as that's how I think most databases 
handle it, but whether it's restart triggered, or periodic, presumably on 
the first restart after the period elapsed, or when some percentage of 
dead-space bloat is reached, or what... normally depends on the database, 
and I've absolutely /no/ idea what sort of automated maintenance 
techniques are used in this case.

... Which actually was one reason I got off of kmail/akonadi in the first 
place.  Email has been around a long time and isn't, or shouldn't be, 
rocket science, nor should it require users to be rocket scientists or 
database specialists to work with or troubleshoot it.  And that's exactly 
where kmail was going with akonadi. =:^(  I wanted an email client that 
simply handled email, reliably and consistently, and that's what old kmail 
gave me, but new akonadified kmail doesn't, so I switched to claws-mail, 
which gives me back reliable, consistent email handling with a nice gui 
once again.  As a bonus, it's nicely scriptable and easily hotkey 
configurable, too. =:^)  (Old kmail did have some hotkey configuration, 
but not like claws-mail does, and claws-mail simply blows away kmail in 
terms of not only allowing but upstream-encouraging script-based 
extension, with many third party scripts made available directly from the 
claws-mail site. =:^)

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