Downgrade KDE SC Version 4.12.2

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Sun Feb 23 07:38:22 GMT 2014

Kanjana posted on Sun, 23 Feb 2014 13:14:48 +0700 as excerpted:

> I am on Linux Mint 13 KDE 64-bit.
> The update manager is set to levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.
> Task-bar with application icons is/are completely missing after update.
> My customized wallpaper has changed to the Linux Mint Maya default
> wallpaper which appears to be somewhat oversized. Can only use Alt+F2 to
> access applications etc..
> How can I safely remove 4.12.2 and reinstall an 'older' version?
> Please help me!

For upgrading/downgrading your distro you really need to find an 
appropriate forum/list for your distro and ask them.  This is a kde list, 
not a mint list, and unless someone here happens to use mint and can 
respond, you're unlikely to get distro-specific help like that, here.

However, we might be able to help with the kde problem.  In fact, you may 
be experiencing a problem I've had for some time, that altho I've not 
been able to really fix, I've been able to successfully work around. 
=:^)  If it's not the same problem, it appears to be a similar one.

The first thing to figure out is whether plasma (the normal kde desktop) 
is running at all, possibly reset to some default, or if it's not even 
running.  You say alt-f2 works and you can run stuff from it, so that's 
what we'll use.

First, try this:

kquitapp plasma-desktop

If your desktop disappears or changes, that means plasma was running, but 
just reset to some default, which is the bug I've been running into 
here.  If nothing changes, that means plasma wasn't running at all.

Next, try this:


Hopefully that'll restart your desktop, regardless of whether it was 
running and you quit it with the above, or if it was not running.

If you get a good kde desktop back, you're in business.  However, here it 
restarts with the default desktop again, not my customized desktop.  But, 
after a restart, my old desktop activities are available again -- I just 
have to switch to them.  (Before a plasma restart, all it has is the 
default desktop/activity, it doesn't show my customized activities so I 
can't switch to them until I restart plasma-desktop.)

The other possibility is that it's so screwed up that it'll try to start, 
possibly flashing something, and crash again.  That's probably a config 
issue, which means troubleshooting your config.

Meanwhile, presumably you're logging in as your normal user, with an 
existing config.  What happens if you create a new user, without an 
existing and possibly corrupted config, and login to kde as that user?  
Obviously that won't give you your customized config, but does it give 
you a default uncustomized kde/plasma config, or does that one crash 
too?  If a new "clean" user config works, then you know the problem is in 
your config.  (With the problem I've been having, a new user has the same 
problem, so it's not something in my normal user's config that's corrupt.)

That should get you started.  Once you try that and reply with the 
results, we can go from there.

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