Storage media applet not updating on media mount

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Tue Dec 2 07:51:41 GMT 2014

Frank Steinmetzger posted on Tue, 02 Dec 2014 03:36:04 +0100 as excerpted:

> Hi fellows
> I’ve been having a small problem with my KDE 4.14.2 on Gentoo for a
> little while now. It may have come with the last update from 4.14.0, but
> I can’t say for sure.
> When I insert a storage medium, such as a USB drive or Audio CD, the
> storage media applet pops up and offers me its actions as usual, but
> when I click on the icon or any action, it doesn’t update its internal
> status (I don’t have automounting enabled). Then the medium gets mounted
> and I can access it in Dolphin, but the state icon stays on “unmounted”
> and I can’t dismount the device. What I still can do is right-click on
> the device in Dolphin and select “Eject” in there.
> Have you heard of that yet?

This reply unfortunately won't be of much help to you, but FWIW it's nice 
to see a fellow gentoo kdeer here. =:^)

I am running gentoo, and I'm running kde4, actually 4.14-live from the 
gentoo/kde overlay (which I'm currently working on updating as there have 
been some big upstream-kde changes recently with the release of 4.14.3 
apparently being the last kde4 release for some parts of kde4)...

But IIRC all the kde storage notification stuff, GUI-based-mounting, etc, 
went away some years ago when I toggled the policykit, etc, USE flags 
off.  Not that it bothered me to lose them since I actually prefer that 
mounts happen only when I specifically tell them too, and I was always a 
bit uncomfortable with the security implications of policykit since I 
didn't well understand it, so losing policykit and everything related 
simply meant I had less building to do on updates, but it /does/ mean I 
don't have anything particularly constructive to say here, except what I 
said above, that it's nice seeing another gentooer around.

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