Kickoff launcher doesn't save settings

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Wed Sep 25 06:05:20 BST 2013

huw posted on Tue, 24 Sep 2013 20:55:48 +0100 as excerpted:

> On 24/09/2013 00:47, Duncan wrote:
>> One thing missing from your post, the version of kde/plasma you're
>> using. Never-the-less, I just duplicated your results here, post
>> kde-4.11.1 4.11-branch live-git build, tho I've not updated in a week
>> or two.

> Apologies, I'm on 4.11.1 (Chakra).  Thanks for your comments and for
> going to the effort of duplicating; I may well open a bug report,
> although of course now that I've posted about it, it's stopped doing
> it...

LOL.  But while I like hover-change here and thus wouldn't change that 
setting except to duplicate your issue, while I was in kickoff settings I 
did notice one option I DID want to change, show apps by name (instead of 
by function, the default).

While as I said I don't normally use kickoff enough to have previously 
worried about it, now that I know the option is there and in fact TRIED 
to change it, I'm getting frustrated by your bug as well, since THAT 
setting is taking immediate effect but not sticking around after a plasma 
restart.  And while it wasn't bothering me before, now that you made me 
aware of the problem, IT'S BOTHERING ME NOW!! =:^(

Thanks for the frustration.  Just what I needed (not!).  But oh, well, I 
guess if it gets frustrating enough I'll bug it myself.  Tho it's not 
there yet, but it's heading that way, thanks to you...

Tho in all seriousness I'd rather be aware of the bug than not, so 
thanks, even if I'm frustrated with it now.

Meanwhile, I did a full system update last nite, including rebuilding the 
latest kde-4.11-live-branch, and unfortunately the problem remains... so 
apparently there's no fix committed upstream yet.  If the problem went 
away for you, perhaps chakra added a distro patch and you caught it in an 
update, or maybe it just started working for reasons unexplained, which I 
always hate because if it just starts working for unexplained reasons, it 
can just as easily just stop working again too, since the root problem 
isn't known to have been addressed.

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