KDE filter on 'is in category' doesn't perform filtering

Rosalind Mitchell rcmitchell at golgonooza.co.uk
Tue Sep 24 10:27:49 BST 2013

This may be a minor matter, and since I have googled and failed to find any 
reports of the same problem it may be that I have missed something obvious, 
perhaps in my configuration of Kontact.

Suppose I set the Category field for several of my contacts to XYZZY.  I then 
wish to filter mail from these contacts to a subfolder Inbox/xyzzy, so I create 
a filter with criterion From is in category XYZZY and action Move into folder 
Inbox/xyzzy, and save it.  Applying filters manually with ^J does nothing, the 
mail from XYZZY contacts stays firmly in the Inbox.  Similarly, incoming mail 
from my XYZZY contacts goes unfiltered into the Inbox.  This filtering trick 
worked fine with pre-akonadi versions of kmail and was one of the features that 
made kmail so attractive to me.   Filters based on email headers are working 

I have a secondary filtering problem which I have worked around but which 
remains an irritation.  For years I used fetchmail and exim to retrieve email 
from a variety of sources and direct it into one destination, either an mbox 
or a Maildir according to the whim of the moment.  With the arrival of akonadi 
the filters just seemed to stop working altogether in incoming mail, although 
they worked fine when applied manually.  This was a major obstacle to my using 
Kmail and I went elsewhere.  Recently I was prompted to try abandoning my 
homebrew mail processing and get kmail to fetch from all the different remote 
POP servers, and hey! all the filters (except those noted above) work fine.  But 
I don't want to do it this way, so can anybody tell me if its possible to run 
automatic filtering on fetchmail/exim inputs?


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