Akonadi acting up (again)

John Woodhouse a_johnlonger at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 24 17:35:23 BST 2013

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> On Monday, 2013-09-23, John Woodhouse wrote:
>>  :-) I'll refrain from commenting on OOPsers ideas on modularity and 
> code re
>>  :use and have never looked to see how it's organised so shouldn't. 
> On the
>>  :other hand why such a difference between Kmail 3 and 4.
> Not sure what OOP refers to here but I assume it doesn't mean Object 
> Oriented 
> Programming.

Afraid it does - when things look to have gone wrong I hope it catches on.
Me well I'm an OOD man. In this case I feel that maybe oops has the right connotations.

> Akonadi, like Evolution Data Server (short EDS) before [1], is a service 
> oriented approach to PIM data access.

In some ways that comment isn't relevant. Users are more interested in over all functionality not the implementation. Oh so easy to forget.

> I am also not sure which two versions of KMail the second sentence is 
> referring to. Is that KMail based on Qt3 and one of the two versions of KMail 
> based on Qt4 or KMail1 and KMail2?

Help Kmail about for the one I am using from kdepim3 shows Kmail 1.9.10 using KDE3.5.10 "release 67"

The KDE I am running shows KDE Platform Version 4.10.5 "release 1"

I assume the releases in bunny rabbits relate to OpenSuse. I'm fairly sure other QT4ified Kmail's from KDE3 may be available elsewhere as well.

> Cheers,
> Kevin

Must admit I may have a jaundiced view of Akonadi. This goes back to when it was introduced. Appeared to slowly scan my disks to index them. I shut it off after a several days. Fed up with disks tinkling and concerned about wear. It should have quickly got out of the way if I needed to use the disk and didn't. Very noticeable pregnant pauses instead. 

I keep reading odd comments about it as well  -rewrites and should be faster, Needs to index more types of files. Slow. Bloatware. Kmail can't handle the volume of mail I get etc. Jaundiced view? Maybe not.

I used windows at work and remember when they introduced file indexing. Optional with a warning that it might have some impact on performance. It took maybe a couple of mins to generate the index and there after was un noticeable. I assume the index was updated on file writes. A user would expect a bit of a delay then and marginal increases wouldn't be noticed. Software work so many many files on the machine. :-) Too many years worth really.

KDE4 though. Brilliant. I've generally had good experiences with it. Okular has always been slow. On my previous machine I have to wonder about machine loading re a pop something like - very busy down here - turning effects off. Detecting that must increase the machine load. Actually it was very busy up here. Surely effects complete naturally and I would notice the slowness - if it mattered. Leaves me wondering what else lies buried underneath it all.


> [1] EDS actually only offers contacts and calendar via its service but they 
> are working on adding email as a service:
> http://www.superlectures.com/guadec2013/evolution-as-email-service-for-the-
> gnome-desktop
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