question about bluedevil and connecting using pand

Kevin Wilson wkevils at
Thu Sep 5 12:03:50 BST 2013

I have bluedevil on machine "A" F18 (bluedevil-1.3-1.fc18.x86_64)

I try the following:

pand --listen --role=NAP

from another machine, "B", I  run:
pand --connect  00:02:72:AA:BC:94 -n

Where 00:02:72:AA:BC:94 is the address of the BT device on the first
machine, "A".

A dialog is opened on machine A, saying:
"PIN needed to pair..."

And I don't know what to enter. When not entering a PIN and pressing
enter, it says "connection refused" on the syslog of "A".

I want to be able to perform this without needing a PIN (I know it is
less secure, but this is on a test machines).

Any ideas?

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