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Fri Nov 1 15:30:08 GMT 2013

Am Thu, 31 Oct 2013 09:36:47 +0000
schrieb Anne Wilson <annew at kde.org>:

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> On 30/10/2013 19:44, Michael wrote:
> >> I guess most people are somewhere in between, skimming/reading my
> >> 
> >>> "epistles" with varying degrees of impatience.
> > I doubt that! :-) I guess most are at least annoyed to a certain 
> > degree, but most do not care enough to do anything about it
> > either. Ignorance is a bliss, which I don't possess apparently. ;-)
> > 
> > 
> > 
> Doubt away!  I skim Duncan's replies, but when you need it, his depth
> of information is invaluable.  Many people have cause to thank him.

I don't doubt that he has deeper knowledge about all things KDE. That
one seems to be clear. And it may well be, that over all the time he
was around here, others took great advantage from his knowledge and so
they may accept his kind of exuberant writing more than I do. And even
those that do know as much or even more than him, may see that he did
help others a lot and so they may accept his exuberant style too. What
I doubt, is that all are absolutely "fine" and "happy" with his style.
Most may "accept" it because of his invaluable help to them or others,
but acceptance and being annoyed (to a varying degree) does not rule
each other out. In other words, what he does or how he does it, is NOT
"the end of the world"-ish bad, it is just (a tad?) annoying. :-) And I
am the kind of person, that does complain a lot. I have a rather low
tolerance for "annoyances". But on the other hand, I tend to be very
understanding as well, so there is a balance. And sure, if he would
have just said "Pha! Then don't read it!" maybe even with stronger
words, I would have just ignored his mails in the future OR accept to
be annoyed when I read and answer his mails.

The thing is (one of my "rules of life" if you want), don't just
"accept" things as they come along. But don't be depressed if if you
can't change a thing either. :-) - Well, hard to press that "rule" in a
small sentence... but I hope you know what I mean. 

> Early last century one Dale Carnegie wrote a book called "How to win
> friends and influence people".  Perhaps you should read it.

Well, or maybe not. :-) I know I can be... well... I don't want to put
any words in your mouth, but go figure what kind of person I may
be. ;-) Anyway, I am fine with it, so are my friends (finally, after
years of convincing! *g*).

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