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Fri May 31 13:22:57 BST 2013

Felix Miata posted on Fri, 31 May 2013 04:51:47 -0400 as excerpted:

>> Try to do a right-click on the clock, I have an option "settings for
>> digital clock". Here I can change the color of the font , if the font
>> should have a shadow and in which color.
> I'm not interested in fixing it for each and every new user. I want
> idiotic default invisibility avoided somehow, like it used to be, black
> text on whatever light background color, or white text on whatever dark
> background color. I need to find out what's responsible for the insanity
> before I can chose whether and where to file a bug about it.

While I agree filing a bug is appropriate, there's a way to set site 
defaults as well, so you don't have to do it per-user, only per site.

With some exceptions there's multiple locations possible for each config 
file, the user's location in $KDEHOME (defaulting to $HOME/.kde as 
shipped by kde, some distros change that to ~/.kde4), and various system 
config locations as listed in $KDEDIRS (note the plural, multiple 
locations possible so you can stack your own custom site config on top of 
your distro's config and not have to worry about distro package update 
overwrites).  The KDEDIRS unset default is often /usr/, as most distros 
ship it.

Which means that in many cases, once you find the appropriate file in
~/.kde/share/config/ (or sometimes share/apps instead), with the 
appropriate settings set for that user, copy that file to
/usr/share/config/ , and it'll likely work.

One of the exceptions, however, is some of the plasma settings.  If yet 
another plasma setting isn't set, some parts of a new user's plasma config 
are effectively created dynamically, and you either have to change the 
setting that prevents that, or find the scripting that does the dynamic 
creation and rewrite it to do it your way.

Without actually trying it, however, I wouldn't know whether the clock 
font color settings are part of the dynamic config or part of the config 
that simply copying the appropriate file over to a system location takes 
care of for everyone (who hasn't already set it themselves).

See the kde sysadmin guide on for more:

In particular:

Tho that doesn't cover the plasma exceptions I mentioned.  Try this for 
that.  And yes, I see digital clock color and font settings mentioned...

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