Yet another failed KDE release?

Kevin Krammer krammer at
Sun May 12 13:04:55 BST 2013

On Friday, 2013-05-10, James Tyrer wrote:
> On 05/07/2013 04:21 PM, Duncan wrote:

> > As Kevin keeps hammering hammering on, KDE isn't a single product.  There
> > are many that would (wrongly) say the same about Linux, which clearly
> > isn't the case, or about Adobe (his example, very good one BTW), or even
> > about "Windows" or MS, when the bug's actually in MS Office (not MS
> > Windows) or even in Adobe's PDF reader or something else only related to
> > MS Windows in that it runs on the platform.
> Kevin's comments are both correct and irrelevant.  It is true that there
> are now KDE based applications that are outside the realm of the Desktop
> and associated applications.  Should they be associated with the Desktop
> regarding the stable release issue.  Well, that is a good question.

My guess is that this (all-at-once-releases) will not be continued at the next 
major release cycle.
My personal guess is topic bundles, e.g. "KDE Games compilation", "KDE Edu 
bundle", etc.

> But,
> lets only consider the D Desktop Environment so as to not beg the
> question with other issues.

That's a reasonable increment in accuracy.

> The more sensitive question is whether "someone fixing bugs would be
> greeted with anything other than enthusiasm".  Yes, that is the
> question.  What do you think?  Do developers welcome someone fixing bugs
> -- fixing bugs in their code, or do they take bug reports personally and
> resent people posting patches to fix bugs in their code?  Would they
> rather have the bug go unfixed than to have someone else fix it?

Hard to say, I am not involved with any code of the desktop environment or 
workspace products.

Prefering a bug to stay unfixed over having someone else fix it would be very 
uncommon though when compared to projects I am involved with to which I do 
follow more closely.
There it is quite usual that one can see review requests from until then 
unknown people. Sometimes such persons contribute a series of fixes, sometimes 
it is just that single issue they personally really needed to have fixed :-)

If I find time I'll see if I can look more closely at interaction patterns in 
the workspace area. I do see a lot of review requests on respective mailing 
lists but those could all be from active developers.

Kevin Krammer, KDE developer, xdg-utils developer
KDE user support, developer mentoring
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