Yet another failed KDE release?

Ross Boylan ross at
Wed May 8 07:04:02 BST 2013

On Tuesday, May 07, 2013 04:21:21 PM Duncan wrote:
> > P.S. Composed in kmail 1.13.7, which mysteriously hangs from time to
> > time, can't autocomplete from the address book, and sometimes show blank
> > messages with any way I can see to get it show html.
> Kmail-1 is an effectively abandoned product.  While it continued to work 
> with newer kde for awhile, and my distro, gentoo, continued to offer both 
> the pre-akonadified kdepim-4.4.x and the newer version in parallel for 
> awhile (so the admins of individual installations could choose which they 
> wanted), without anyone officially adopting and continuing to maintain 
> the pre-akonadi version, that's getting tough to maintain as mainline kde 
> progresses farther away, leaving kdepim-4.4 (with kmail-1) further and 
> further behind and stale.
I'm using Debian Wheezy, which was released about 2 days ago.  It's a little 
odd: help | about shows KMail Version 1.13.7 use KDE dev Platform 4.8.4.  The 
Debian package version number is 4.4.11, which I suppose is a reference to the 
kde pim version.

I'm guessing the Debian packagers thought KMail 2 was too unreliable, at least 
when they made the packaging decision, which would have been quite a biit 
before the release.

Maybe some of the problems like the address book non-lookup are from mixing 
KMail one with a later general KDE release.

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