Yet another failed KDE release?

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Tue May 7 18:10:38 BST 2013

I'm surprised this post keeps coming up. I've been using KDE 4.6.0 since it was a stable release for some years now, I use Kmail too. Problems - virtually zero, some mouse gestures which don't seem to want to be disabled occasionally cause mild annoyance and that terrible indexing utility that logged everything I did and seemed bent on wearing out my hard drives just had to be disabled as much as it can be. It also slowed everything down. I run a fairly heavily loaded desktop and fairly recently started having disc thrashing problems. Added more memory and that has more or less gone away. The fact that it hasn't gone completely is down to me and my use and the memory capability of the motherboard. When I upgraded from KDE 3 I also had to fit a new graphics card to keep the effects running. It's nothing really special just a mid range cheap part from Nvidia - also most importantly had to add there driver.

I might reboot/turn off my machine every 6 months or so. One gremlin. Some how closing an app on the task bar just offered me remove from taskbar - it did and the icon just wouldn't come back. In the end I deleted the task bar and added it again and all was ok.

I suspect the answer to the complaints in these posts is to get real. Linux plus what ever has never ever been completely stable if people run the latest and greatest. Even less so if they compile something like KDE themselves or worse still build up everything from scratch. Distro's are intended to get round these problems according to the level people want. They always have been. Some people don't mind the bugs, others like me just want to use my machine and bug report on stable releases but not to KDE. There wouldn't be any point. I post to the distro. I suppose I have been using KDE plus linux for near 20 years now.

If someone wants a truly upfront distro where others usually sort out problems quickly I would suggest they try Arch - if they have the ability but in that case they may be able to sort it out themselves..

Me well I will be upgrading shortly to another stable distro release - new machine too. I've been using this one for 10+ years


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>On Tuesday, 2013-05-07, James Tyrer wrote: 
>>On 03/19/2013 09:58 AM, dE . wrote: 
>>The KDE development team appears to be interested in something other
than producing a stable release.  It really is that simple. 
>>Well, simple and false :)
Mostly because the conclusion is based on a misconception regarding KDE to be 
a single product.
KDE is a software vendor with several dozend products, each developed by 
different people. Sometimes single developers, sometimes teams.
Hence no such thing as a "KDE development team" exists as an entity by itself. 
>>As a
result, the release process is not oriented towards producing a stable
>>As a result obviously also false, i.e. a non-existing entity doesn't have 
Unless we employ thinking similar religious faith and assume an unobservable 
entity exists by people believing in it ;-) 
>>I find very useful the dystopian novel: "The Rise of the Meritocracy"
which is a critique of the idea of "the meritocracy".  A meritocracy is
defined by the search for merit -- but that is dependent on the
definition of merit.  I find that I have no merit in the KDE project
despite the fact that I went to college and studied EE and computer
science.  In the KDE project, you obtain merit be designing a new
application.  So, that is the nail that everyone is hitting with their
>>Also not true.
Most contributors at KDE are neither the designers nor maintainers of 
A lot of contributors are not even coders or not contributing other things 
than writing code. Merit is gauged by the quality, reliability and dedication to the contribution 
area. In other words merit and recognition is earned through actual 
contribution, but that contribution can be a lof ot things other than code. This applies to the work on KDE activities and products but also to the 
foundation managing KDE's legal assets, KDE e.V.
As a sample, the e.V.'s board of directories has currently one member out of 
five who's active contribution at the moment is code. 
>>I don't want to do that.  I want to improve applications.  That is what
engineers do; we find the faults with things and fix them -- we improve
>>Sounds like a great opportunity then :) 
>>Unfortunately, everyone designing new applications from square one is
not conducive to building a stable and bug free desktop environment. 
>>While only a fraction of developer work on applications of the desktop 
environment product, I'd say that even this is a over generalisation even for 
The only two applications in that category that I can come up with from the 
top of my head which have been "newly" introduced are Plasma Desktop and 
Dolphin. Most others, e.g. KWin, Klipper, KMix, have existed for ages. And while some developers on some of these applications might be more 
adventurous than others or developers on non desktop environment applications, 
I hadn't had an issue with any of those in quite some time. 
>>There is nothing wrong with KDE that a few committed software engineers
-- committed to quality -- couldn't fix.  But, I don't think that the
hackers would like it. 
>>Well, being a conclusion based on a faulty analysis makes its content 
impossible to evaluate, but assuming for a moment that the analysis had not 
been wrong, then the only conclusion we could draw would be that there are 
either not software engineers committed to quality or that they have so far 
abstained from contributing their skills. Cheers,
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>There is no misconception. KDE is always giving problems. Look at
    the bugzilla crawling with stale bugs.
>I thought this thread was dead.
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